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Pattu Sarees Collection Online

When literally translated mean Silk Sarees. However, the usage Pattu Saris are actually used to indicate the pure, heavy silk saris made and used extensively in Southern India, specifically in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Wedding Pattu Sarees

Pattu Sarees, originally extremely rich and heavy, were the traditional Bridal sarees, used by the South Indian, especially Tamil, populace. The sarees worn by the bride and the other women during weddings - are also known as the Kalyana Pattu Sarees in Tamil Nadu. The word Kalyana means the wedding.

Apart from being the cultural wedding symbols and bridals saris, they also make an important part of every South Indian bride’s wedding trousseau. Understandably, given their purity and craftsmanship, pattu sarees are expensive and heavy. Often their worth is estimated by the weight of Zari and silk yarn used to make them. The pattu saree price is also seen as an indicator of how royal and wealthy a bride or her family is!

Pattu Saree Designs - Part of Life…

Pattu Sarees represent the glory of the Indian textiles heritage. These sarees are deeply ingrained in the South Indian culture, and you would see them as a part of every occasion of life there. So, apart from weddings, Pattu sarees are popularly worn by women for functions, festivals and all sorts of auspicious occasions. These South Indian sarees are made in pure silk yarn, and have gained worldwide popularity. So, not only the women of Tamil origin, but also all the Indian women and saree lovers from all over the world admire and seek rich, stunning Pattu sarees.

Kanchi Pattu Saree

Many also tend to use the term Pattu Saree for indicating myriad variants of Kanjeevaram silks, or the sarees crafted by the same technique as the handloom Kancheepuram sarees. Although, all Pattu saree may not essentially be Kanchirpuram sarees, the term (Pattu Saree) is still synonymously used with the glorious Kanjeevarams that are considered the Southern India’s answer to the North Indian Banarasis. Pattu sarees are, thus, also extensively known as the Kanchi Pattus or Kanjeevaram Pattu sarees – the term specifically meant for the Pattu saris made in the town of Kancheepuram.

A Saree for all ages…

A favorite of middle-aged, high society women, the heavy and overly traditional form of these sarees had made them unpopular among younger girls and brides. Due to their strong colors and heavy Zari ostentation, they were not favored by women who wished to flaunt a lighter, trendier look.

The ‘real’ Kanjivaram saris are characterized by their wide, contrasting borders, and temple motifs, grid patterns and paintings’ inspired motifs, depicting scenes from epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. However, with the changing times, preferences and extensive introduction of technology in the textiles industry, Pattu sarees are now made in many variants – many of which are quite light and also have simple, mid-sized, without Zari borders. These latest pattu sarees are trendy and have a broad price range. They are also available in a huge variety of colors and designs, including the traditional favorites like red, maroon, gold, orange, yellow pattu saree and multi-color pattu sarees – also and the modish combinations like yellow and blue, light green pattu saree, pink, purple etc.

Here are the most popular names of Pattu sarees -

Parampara Pattu – As the name suggests is the authentic traditional Pattu saree. However, these days, Parampara pattus are also made in lighter, easier to carry and drape varieties. Thus, traditional weaving methods are combined with some modern design elements and colorings to achieve trendier looks - which makes rich, ornate yet classy and chic Parampara pattus a hit among the wedding market.

Soft Pattu Silks – Since the fabric in Kancheepuram/ Pattu Saris is woven using traditional methods, often on handlooms – the resulting fabric tends to be heavy and somewhat stiff. Despite this, the real South Indian silks drape beautifully. However, the modern women, given their fast and busy lifestyles, crave for something that’s softer and more malleable, and wrinkle-free. Thus was born the Menpattu or the soft pattu saris that are rage now. These sarees, made using modern methods, are light, breathable and soft. They are great as party-wear and office wear sarees and are perfect for all seasons.

Designer Pattu Sarees – The traditional as well as soft pattu sarees are basically ostentation or embroidery free. The real beauty in a pattu sari comes from its intricate weaving. There originally were no added borders or embroidered motifs. However, the latest bridal and wedding fashion dictates that wedding sarees have some ‘work’ on them. Thus were born Pattu Sarees with work – or the embroidered and designer pattu sarees – that are also called as the Vastrakala Pattu Sarees. Generally, these grand sarees are fashioned with antique embroideries like Zardozi and aari work.

Samudrika Pattu Sarees – These are the highest word among the Pattu Sarees. Quintessential bridal saris, these gorgeous and stunning saris are crafted by master weavers in traditional, rich designs and heavy borders. Most Samudrika Pattus have characteristic broad borders and glorious Zari inlays.

Uppada Pattu Sarees – Uppada is the name of a small town in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The hand-woven sarees typically made in this textiles hub are known as Uppada Jamdani sarees. Keeping in tune with the consumer demands, the Uppada saree manufacturers now also produce a variant of traditional Jamdani sarees – which are known as the Uppadda Pattu Sarees – which are basically a beautiful cross between Uppada Jamdani and Samudrika Pattu or Kanchi Pattu. These saris are not as intricately woven with motifs as Jamdaanis, which lightens their texture, and have Pattu like borders. Uppada pattus are also popular for their relatively lower prices.

Any bride – be it a Tamil bride or a North Indian bahu – would love to own an authentic Pattu Saree. In fact, an Indian wedding trousseau is incomplete without a grand pattu saree. Pattu Sarees are now available in a great variety Online too – you can browse to check and compare prices, read reviews and get in touch with merchant sites to ensure the product you get is authentic. And, thus you can own a Pattu Saree – from anywhere in the world!