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Saree or Sari has a long history, sometimes even dating back to 100 BC. The multitude of varieties, colors, patterns, styling details, textures, fabrics available in saris make them absolutely fascinating outfits. Saris, as we know of them in contemporary form, are typically 6 yards (5.5 metres) in length and about 4 feet in breadth.

The Maharastrian Navvari (about 8 meters), the South Indian half sari (3.5-4 meters), the Andhra Nivi, the Assamese Mekhala Chador, many Tribal styles, Kerala’s Mundum Neryathum, Goa’s Kunbis are various traditional styles of sari draping – the drape length and the fabric type/s vary in such drapes and styles.

A sari is typically worn with a form-fitting bodice, called as Saree Blouse or choli, cropped at the waist, and an under-skirt/ skirt called as petticoat, ghagra, chaniya etc. Most traditional saris have ornate or embellished borders running through their length. Besides enhancing the its appeal, the borders also keep the sari’s fall and drape in-place.

In contemporary and most popular draping style, one end of the flat fabric length i.e. sari is tucked into the waist band of the petticoat, the fabric is then wrapped around once, such that the end again comes in the front. Pleats are formed here and secured in petticoat’s waist band on the front side – near the navel area (in a regular Nivi style drape). The other lose end of the fabric – the Pallu – is draped over the shoulders, such that it covers the left shoulder and falls at the back. Another commonly used drape style is the Gujarati or Seedha Pallu drape. In this the draping is started the same way, but the pleats are inserted near the navel region – so they face right side (in Nivi – they face left)- and the pallu is draped over the right shoulder, such that the loose end falls in the front

Saris have ornate and embellished Pallus in weaves like Ikat, Patola, Banarasi, Brocade, Kanjivaram etc. The Pallus and borders are often the focal point of saris, and thus, have many design elements. They may be embroidered or heavily embellished too – with hand or machine embroidery, crystals, diamantes, beads etc. Broad or narrow Zari borders and pallus are also a typical feature of many traditional drapes.

The modern-day Saree

Today, Indian saris are available in an unbelievably expansive and wide range of fabrics, weaves, colors, styles and more. From cottons to crepes, silks, nets, linens, cotton-silk blends, georgettes, chiffons and many more, the fabric base of sari can be played with vastly. Saris are also made in many new-age fabrics and evolved weaves.

Red saris are generally held as suitable for special and sacred occasions. Red and white Panetar saris and the green and red Gharchola sarees are the typical wedding attire for brides from the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Similarly, a South Indian bride’s look is incomplete without the rich kanchipuram, and a North Indian bride will invariably have an ornate, glistening Benarsai/ Banarasi and brocade in her trousseau. In Kerala, the brides wear white saris with gold borders for special rituals, while green ones are held as sacred in many other traditions, including Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

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