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Beads Work Sarees

From the name Bead Work Saree, it can be imagined that the designs on these sarees include beads. The beads can be sewn directly onto the saree to form a beautiful design or could first be strung together on a thin wire and then stitched on. A number of bead work techniques are employed when designing a Bead Work Saree; some of these include bead embroidery, bead stringing, bead weaving and bead knitting.

Beads have been used as symbols since time immemorial for religious and auspicious occasions. You can create Bead Work Sarees by embroidering, pearls, crystals, and beads onto the fabric. You can use different fabrics to create Bead Work Sarees, and if you are using crystals or pearls, you can use a heavy cloth, such as silk, satin, or velvet to enhance the look of the beads. In the off chance that you are using lighter beads, you can use georgette or chiffon to create that light but unique look.

Archaeological studies have shown that the origins of bead work can be traced back as far as 3100BC in ancient Egypt. However shells, stones and wood were used as beads in jewellery making right from the time of our cave-dwelling ancestors.

Both Europeans and Egyptians used clothes richly embroidered with beads. The Bead Work Saree is a natural extension of this technique.

Exploring the world of Bead Work Sarees

Bead Work Sarees have been used by the royals of India for quite some time. They have mainly used pearls and rhinestones for that rich look and feel. There are three main styles of bead embroidery, depending on the fabric used.

The first is where beads are individually stitched onto the cloth, second, you can string a few beads on to a fine wire, and then stitch them on together, or third, you can place the beads in a pattern on the fabric and then bind them together using the crouching stitch. In Europe, this is popularly called Luneville or Tambour, and this stitch is used to create and bead Haute Couture clothes. This work using the crouching stitch is called Moochi Aari in India.

The traditional art of embroidering bead work on to a saree by hand can never be replaced by machines. And while the latter offers a cheaper version of the Bead Work Sarees their handmade counterparts still retain their charm and value. Both Indian and Western designers using bead work embroidery to not only create Bead Work Sarees but also create Western Haute Couture. The variety of uses of bead work include jewellery, and as decorative additions to furnishings, belts, bags, etc.

More about Bead Work Sarees

Different sarees are embellished using beads, and these include Bridal Sarees, Banarasi Sarees, Chiffon Sarees and more. Beads are used to embroider the pallu of the saree as well as, the sleeves of the blouse to create that unique look.

Bead Work Sarees are popular not only as bridal wear but also as party wear and office wear. You need to look after these sarees well, as the beads are delicate and need special care. You should dry clean these sarees and ensure that you iron them with care.

Shopping online for Bead Work Sarees

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