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Purple Sarees - a symbol of luxury and feminine grace

The secondary colour- purple- a blend of red and blue signifies nobility, power and luxury- quite in tune with the inherent appeal of Indian sarees that spell unmatched elegance and charm. Since ancient times, purple sarees were patronized by the regalia when queens and princesses fondly draped hand woven purple silk sarees detailed with golden brocade details. With time, the legacy has spread over to the entire Indian society where today, purple saris are flaunted beyond celebrations and are a part of the everyday wardrobe of women.

Different Shades of Purple Sarees Online – From Mauve to Wine

From light to dark, fiery to subtle- the umbrella colour of purple has a lovely range of shades and tones- there’s practically a right tone of purple for every woman! Amethyst, violet, plum, lavender, lilac, heliotrope, royal purple- shades of this charmingly feminine hue are ample to make you fall in love with its mysterious vibe. Saree.com has one of the widest assortments of purple sarees online to meet your specific colour and design needs at the best price!

Traditional and Contemporary Purple Saris

Purple is one such colour that goes well with traditional as well as contemporary looking saris. A lighter tone like lavender over a plain satin silk saree makes an elegant outfit for opulent gatherings happening during the day. You can accessorize such garments with minimalistic silver or diamond jewellery. On the other hand, a vibrant purple Banarasi or Kanchipuram silk sari detailed with shimmery golden zari weaves radiates the effervescence of the Indian cultural heritage. Such saris can be worn with temple jewellery, layered pearl necklaces or with traditional golden filigree ornaments.

Which colour blouse can be worn with a purple sari?

Neutrals- like white, black, cream and especially taupe can be easily paired with almost every shade of purple. To add some bling, you can pair your designer sari with a golden or silver brocade blouse (depending on the colour of zari weave on the drape). Saris having a vibrant tone of purple can be contrasted with a green, light blue, mustard or even an orange blouse. Making colour palettes is more about individual choices!