Rajasthani Saree

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An ethereal collection of Rajasthani style sarees for all occasions

Indulge in a range of sarees inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The state, located in the north-west region of India is home to some of the finest silk, cotton and georgette sarees. Shop for Rajasthani sarees online on saree.com and fill your closet with a range of vibrant hues and traditions that carry timeless charm.

What is Rajasthani sari?

This term basically applies to sarees woven in the state of Rajasthan as well as Rajasthani style sarees woven anywhere else. These sarees are designed and detailed to reflect the culture of the state which is known for its vibrant printing techniques like bandhani and lehariya as well as its intricate art of gota patti work. It is also known for its finely woven Kota silk and cotton sarees. You can find all of these assortments of pure Rajasthani sarees with the best price range on saree.com

Rajasthani Bandhani sarees

Bandhani is a traditional printing technique that involves multiple stages of tie-and-dye methods. The art is majorly confined to the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Rajasthani Bandhani saris in cotton, silk, and georgette are famous all over the country. With intricate dotted details formed with skilled and laborious work, these sarees carry an effervescent vibe and make a valuable possession for sari connoisseurs. Screen and digitally printed bandhani saris have also become extremely popular these days due to their lower prices and easy availability.

Leheriya sarees

Leheriya is a dyeing technique that creates stripes and waves forms on fabric. Rajasthani leheriya sarees are made with cotton or silk and have bright color palettes. These printed sarees carry a highly spirited look and are often edged with lace borders to give them a more dressy appeal.

Gota Patti sarees

This minutely detailed embroidery art involves stitching pieces of metallic or metal colored plastic ribbons on fabric to create vivid patterns. Flower butas, animal and bird motifs are formed with this collage-like art. Rajasthani gota patti sarees are further adorned with thread embroidery and mirror work to make them festive-ready. Dazzle and ostentation are major festive wear ingredients for women belonging to this state. Such heavy work saris are preferred for weddings and festivals like Gangaur.

What are Kota silk sarees?

These are crispy silk sarees woven in the Kota region of Rajasthan. The yarns used are treated with rice paste and onion juice to give them a stiff and starchy fall. Kota silk sarees usually have a check or grid pattern. The grids so formed are called ‘khats’. These saris carry a very formal and dignified look while being comfortable to carry around.