Raw Silk Sarees

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Raw Silk Sarees

Beautiful…traditional…trendy…gorgeous…are just some of the terms used to describe it. A must-have in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious Indian woman, wherever she may be; this is the Raw Silk Saree.

A Raw Silk Saree is different from a regular or synthetic silk saree. Raw Silk is silk containing sericin; a gummy substance that affords protection during processing of the fabric. During the manufacturing process, sericin is left in the silk right up until it is spun into yarn or woven into the fabric, at this stage the silk is boiled in soap water which removes the sericin. The silk is now lustrous, soft to the touch and its weight reduced by about 30%.

You may not be able to tell the difference between a Raw Silk Saree and a synthetic silk saree. However, the distinctive texture of the silk in a Raw Silk Saree is due to the use of very short fibres called “silk noil,” which are used to weave the fabric. The lustre of the fabric is resultant of the filler yarn used.

Raw Silk Sarees radiate absolute luxury. The history of raw silk as a fabric, dates back to 3630 B.C. Raw Silk came to India in 140 A.D. As Raw Silk Sarees are made from pure silk, they are quite expensive. However, these silks are treated in several different ways, even strengthened with metals and other fabrics, to create different variants. They are also combined with cotton to make cotton silk sarees.

India is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of raw silk, Bhagalpur and Pochampally are well known for their raw silk production. The largest consumer of raw silk in India is the saree industry, with Raw Silk Sarees being popular all over the world.

The Southern states of India account for the maximum production of Raw Silk Sarees. Bangalore Silk Sarees and Mysore Silk Sarees are extremely popular. Indian Raw Silk Sarees are also produced in and named after the different regions in India. For example, Pashmina Silk, Chanderi Silk, etc.

The luxurious quality and feel of the beautiful Raw Silk Sarees make them perfect for special functions. These sarees are so complete in themselves that they do not require much embellishment. Many Raw Silk Sarees come with a zari border, and these are called Pattu Sarees.

Raw Silk Sarees are natural and breathable and can be worn in any weather or season. They are so graceful that women of all ages can wear them. They range in price from Rs. 5000 upwards. Raw Silk Sarees are preferred by brides to be worn on their wedding day.

As these sarees are prone to damage, they should be wrapped in a muslin cloth and stored away from direct sunlight. Keep the saree stain-free and dry. Do not wash this saree in a washing machine, but dry clean it.

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