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Red saree- an evergreen classic

The Indian culture is abundant with traditions, and when we refer to cultural details - red is one colour that can never be omitted. A red saree is found in almost every Indian woman's wardrobe and is one of the popular attires, worn during auspicious days and festivities. Be it Diwali or Karwa Chauth or the big fat Indian weddings – a red saree is an ubiquitous style statement for every Indian woman. Depending upon their styling, weave, design, embroidery or embellishments –women and girls of varying ages may wear drapes in red, maroon, vermilion, scarlet or many other hues of beautiful red color family. Whether it is a red Banarasi silk saree richly woven with golden brocade yarns or a plain red net sari - sarees in red hue palette have always been loved and admired.

Red Bridal Saree

For most of the communities in India, red is the traditional bridal colour. Bengali women, for years, have courted Red Banarasi Saree – as their bridal red – and same goes for brides from the Southern India – who have, time and again, worn red Kanjivaram saree, lined with abundant gold zari – as their wedding ceremony saree. Another popular red bridal sari is Panetar from Gujarat. This is a unique red and white saree – which is worn by Gujarati brides. Red and Green is another popular color combination for brides, weddings and wedding guests. Gharchola – a popular tie and dye wedding saree – often gifted to a new bride by her mother-in-law – is generally made in red or maroon with green and yellow. Completely red or maroon colored Gharcholas with golden checks are also quite popular.

A Favorite of Indian Women – Red Saree

Red and Maroon Sarees also are a must in any Indian bride’s bridal trousseau. Even if the girl doesn’t wear red on her D Day – it is there in some form or other in her bridal regalia. Red sarees are also important for this reason for festivals like Teej and Karwa Chauth – where new brides or newly wedding women surely wear red sarees – flaunting the gorgeous blood red or vermilion red with the color of the henna or mehendi applied on their palms.

Red Sarees for Weddings

Red sarees are a must in Indian weddings – as much loved choice of outfits or gifts. Studded with rhinestones, light in weight red drapes also make for excellent party wear sarees. And, intricately embroidered ones with zardozi, aari or gota patti work - make gorgeous picks for weddings and other grand celebrations. Heavy red weaves or red silk handloom sarees – without any extra embroidery – are much loved by women of a certain age and class. These rich silks are undeniably some of the most elegant and rich sarees, you will ever come across. Many times, red, maroon or wine colored sarees are heirloom drapes – passed on among generations – as much as for their emotional value as for their richness and intricate details.

If you're inclined towards simpler outfits, a plain red sari with golden border, is also an effortlessly stylish option. Younger girls tend to prefer this style. Whether your sari is plain, printed or embellished, and whether the fabric is rich silk, hand woven, a glittering designer red saree or a modish faux-georgette- red sarees never fail to impress! You can buy all of these types in red saris online from You may be wherever in the world, we assure you that you can shop online for your favourite scarlet drape.

The traditional and contemporary appeal of red saris

If you love red, then you would surely have a classy red and black saree in your closet. This is a chic choice, yet it is a traditional drape that never fails the test of time. You can wear it to umpteen occasions – if not Indian weddings – and simpler black and red sarees are awesome options even for work and meetings.

A simple floral red saree or a red and white classy beauty or a ruffled designer red sari, a stylish striped red and white sari – what is on your mind? Well, has plenty of options for you to explore and buy. We deliver worldwide and our collections are updated regularly. Online shopping for latest red sarees was never easier and more convenient.

Which blouse can be worn with a red saree?

Cream, golden, beige, rust orange, bottle green and brown are evergreen complementing blouse colours for traditional red sarees. For a modern look, you can pick a statement blouse with striking details like zebra stripes or black and white polka dots.

Buy red sarees online

Looking for an alluring designer red sari for the next wedding or a sizzling one for a romantic date? is your one stop solution- offering sarees in every shade of red- like strawberry, tangy, retro, brick, ruby, crimson- there’s a shade to suit every woman’s style! So start browsing and pick the one that suits your individual taste and get an exquisite collection of red saris at the best price!