Sambalpuri Sarees

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Sambalpuri Sarees

Did you know that the Indian state of Odisha is not just known for its Jagannath Temple? That it is also known for its famous handloom sarees? One such extremely popular variety is the Sambalpuri saree. This is a traditional hand-woven saree, which is manufactured in the Sonepur, Sambalpur and Boudh districts of Odisha.

Sambalpuri sarees are unique sarees where their warp and weft undergo a tie-dyeing process before the traditional process of weaving. Apart from the traditional motifs of wheel, flower and shell, they also use animal motifs to decorate their borders and pallu. Most weavers produce Sambalpuri sarees with geometrical patterns. However, more recently, designers and weavers have also been experimenting with portraits and landscapes in the designs as well.

These Sambalpuri handloom sarees can be either silk, cotton, or cotton silk, but all three are created using a traditional and original style of craft called Baandha. What this means is that the yarns that are used to create these sarees are tied according to the desired patterns, to prevent the absorption of dyes in those areas, and are then dyed.

This weave is also called the Ikkat weave and it is unique, in that once it is dyed using the tie-dye technique, it can never be bleached into another color. Warp tying is also an interesting process and has two different types – single ikkat and double ikkat where the former is when the warp/weft is tied and dyed and the latter is where both are tied and dyed.

These Sambalpuri sarees are available in various bright and alluring colors and shades and were first popularized outside Odisha, by the late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. In the 1980s and 1990s, however, they became popular throughout India.

While most Sambalpuri sarees are available in cotton or silk, they are also being transformed by designers and weavers who are incorporating modern designs and threads, with a lot of ornamental work using metals and stones. These Sambalpuri sarees are of different varieties, based on their origin and design pattern. Some of the more popular varieties are, Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, and Bapta.

Sambalpuri sarees are worn by all age groups and by women from all socioeconomic backgrounds. So, you can find Sambalpuri sarees available from a few hundred rupees to lakhs of rupees. If you visit the villages of Koshal, in Odisha, you will find women from all backgrounds wearing a Sambalpuri saree.

Sambalpuri silk sarees are distinguished by their fine appearance and lustrous glow, which is why they are worn on special occasions, such as parties, receptions, and weddings. Sambalpuri cotton sarees, on the other hand, are mainly preferred for regular, daily wear, due to their light and comfortable feel and earthy look. Sambalpuri saree designs are known for their originality and their fresh look. has the best and latest collection of Sambalpuri sarees, available at the best price. The Sambalpuri cotton and silk sarees available on, are not only traditional, but are also very trendy.

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