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Satin Sarees

Satin Sarees

Satin is a lustrous, glossy and smooth fabric. Sarees made from satin or its blends are satin sarees. The lush fabric has an even sheen and is quite luxurious in touch and feel. ‘Real’ satin is supposed to be made from pure silk yarn. However, satin is also made from cotton yarn (it is called as sateen, in that case), cotton-silk blends, polyester, nylon and other artificial fibers.

The arresting lustre of satin makes it perfect for royal and formal sarees, Indian wear, lehenga blouses and gowns. Satin is also a resilient fabric, which ensures that it takes well to embellishments and embroideries. That is precisely the reason that satin is used avidly to make heavily embellished saree blouses, cholis and corsets.

Poly Satin sarees are not a very popular trend right now, but satin half and half sarees, where satin is blended with fabrics like crepe and georgette are very popular.

Silk satin sarees resemble silk in many ways. That is why these sarees are much loved by women, who crave the lustre of silk and softness and richness of satin. The thick texture of smooth satin makes it suitable for colder climes. Thus, Indian women residing in colder countries/ places like Canada, UK, USA, Switzerland etc. will find these sarees very useful.

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