Patch Work Sarees

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Patch Work Sarees

When one thinks of patchwork, a fabric of multi-coloured squares joined together comes to mind. This is also true for Patch Work Sarees that are fashioned from a fabric that has been created by piecing together bits of cloth of a variety of colours and textures. These textures in a Patch Work Saree could include silk and velvet as well as satin and Kalamkari work, and they are stitched together using elaborate needlework and embroidery techniques.

The art of Patch Work originated in China and Egypt, almost 5000 years ago. Patch Work quilts were first created to help keep families warm during the winters, and this art of patchwork then spread to Europe and America where it became extremely popular.

In India too, patchwork is quite popular as an art, and this ancient craft is now married with modern designs and fabrics. Indian designers use random designs on Patch Work Sarees and salwar kameez and also use patchwork to embellish sarees made of silk and cotton.

Exploring the world of Patch Work Sarees

In India, Patch Work Sarees are decorated with motifs that have definite religious significance. These motifs include the swastika, the lotus, the moon, and the sun. Several fabrics can be used as the base of a Patch Work Saree; while silk and cotton are more commonly used; georgette, chiffon and even polyester can also serve as a base for a Patch Work Saree.

There is a readymade patchwork fabric available in India, called the Patchwork Madras fabric. Most of this fabric is manufactured in the state of Tamil Nadu. This fabric is created by choosing yarns of different colours and then weaving them on a loom to create a fabric that displays a chequered effect and a crisscross of colours.

Modern day Patch Work Sarees are often dressed up with embellishments like beads, pearls, chikan work and even zari. Mainly three structures, which are the block, the strip piecing, and the overall are used to construct a patchwork pattern. This is intricate needlework, done by sewing together fabric pieces and creating larger designs. The squares of fabric used in Patch Work Sarees today are made of different materials, such as velvet, net, silk, georgette, satin, and chiffon.

More about Patch Work Sarees

Patch Work Sarees with traditional and religious motifs are used during festivals and religious occasions. Heavy Patch Work Sarees are also used as wedding wear and for parties, receptions, and other formal occasions.

Lighter Patch Work Sarees can be used as office wear, also transitioning into evening wear. These sarees are quite delicate and so should be dry cleaned, rather than washed by hand or machine. Also, during ironing, a thin cloth should be placed over the saree, and the temperature should be moderate.

Shopping online for Patch Work Sarees

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