Lycra Sarees

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190 Results

Lycra Sarees

What is Lycra?

It is a synthetic fiber made with a long chain of polymers that gives a distinctive feel and elasticity to the material. It is a relatively new fabric invented in 1958 in the United States. This lightweight fabric is used extensively in sportswear, casual as well as in ethnic garments to make comfortably stylish ensembles. It is soft and smooth and can be easily dyed with chemicals. It is also resistant to adverse effects of oil, detergents and natural abrasion. Lycra is also known as spandex or elastane.

Sarees made with Lycra:

While Lycra by itself is highly elastic, it is usually blended with other fabrics like cotton, georgette, chiffon and silk to make blended fabric suitable for a graceful saree fall. Adding a certain proportion of lycra makes the drapes wrinkle resistant and more durable than pure fabrics. These sarees can be adorned with appliqués, laces, zari, gota-patti and a range of prints to make the garments suitable for different types of occasions. You can find the latest designs of lycra drapes on Our vast range of colours and saree styles are apt for adding ethnic-glamour to your lovely wardrobe.

Sarees for Formal-wear, Casual-wear and Occasion-wear:

Given the overall look and feel of the fabric, lycra and blended fabrics are apt for everyday-wear as well as casual outings. Digital prints and decorative borders are some of the most popular styles in lycra sarees. Being a stretchable fabric, it gives a contemporary and sensual look to the garment and is therefore preferred by younger women. Since these drapes require less or no ironing, they are ideal for office-wear and busy working women. For small occasions, you may opt for a lycra saree blended with silk or georgette and embellished with lace borders and motifs.

The world of textiles constantly witnesses innovations and developments that create better and more durable clothing. Lycra is one such innovation which, due to its special characteristics, has been gladly embraced as a smart fabric for apparels worldwide!