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Brasso Sarees

Brasso Sarees have beautiful and intricate patterns embossed on them. The effect is created using a technique called burnout technique, which is done using an acid itch process. The final effect resembles an embossed texture – with one layer of design overlaid beautifully on another fabric. Most Brasso fabrics and sarees have a transparent or see-through effect, where the burn-out motifs are opaque, while the second layer is transparent.

Using Brasso technique creates lovely, unique patterns on the Brasso Sarees, making them very popular with saree wearers and designers alike. Brasso Sarees are available in a variety of colours, textures and fabrics. Brasso Sarees have a classy look – the fabric makes for a good base for embellishments and mix n match designs. Also, the fabric, given its sheer appeal, looks great in summer-wear. Thus, brasso sarees can be worn at different functions and occasions. Plainer varieties are good for work-wear and regular-wear too, as many of these simple brasso sarees are not expensive. They offer good fall and drape, and look very elegant and stylish.

When the technique first originated it was used only on cotton fabric, but now Brasso Sarees are created using other fabrics as well including georgette, chiffon and silk. The cotton-based materials and saris are perfect hot-weather staples, as not only they are cool, but they also are extremely soothing. Silk-based brasso saris are made in Southern states, and these are quite famously made in Hyderabad. The designs made using the Brasso technique have evolved with time, and one can now buy Brasso Sarees in modern and trendy patterns.

Exploring the world of Brasso Saree

The burnout technique to create fabric effects and textures quite possibly may have originated in France, where it is called Devore. It involved using acid to etch out a design in fabrics like velvet and blends of cotton and silk.

The designs on Brasso Sarees are created in a similar way. Many may also use the Brasso polish or other such. These are mild solvents, or abrasives in ammonia suspension, which “burn” the pattern into the fabric. Cut-out stencils are used on the fabric to produce brasso patterns. The stencils are put on such that where they cover, the chemical is not applied. Areas of fabric touched by the acid/solvent develop a different texture and shade than the original material, thereby creating a two-toned effect on the cloth.

While regular shapes and patterns are normally found on Brasso sarees, some amazing designs inspired by Resham, Zari and Brocade are also available. Many designers are also experimenting with patchwork and other techniques to craft innovative and beautiful designs, using the acid itch or burnout technique.

Brasso patchwork is not just limited to designing saris, but other Indian outfits like lehengas and cholis as well. Brasso saree material can also be used to design wedding lehengas or sarees. There are a lot of styles and designs that modern designers have come out with. Skirts and shirts with the Brasso prints are also in fashion, and many women don Brasso sarees during festivals, cocktail parties and other such occasions. More and more fashion designers have adopted this style to create fashion wear, formal wear and casual wear. Red Brasso Sarees are very popular among Indian brides and these are often included in the wedding trousseaus. Since the blended fabric brasso sarees are not very expensive, they also make for great wedding gifts for guests, as they look stylish and elegant, but are also easy on the pocket.

Shopping for Brasso sarees online has a vast collection of Brasso sarees, including the coveted Red Brasso Saree for you to choose from. You can get a brasso saree for yourself - or a chunk of the similar ones for your bridesmaids for your wedding. You can also wear these smart saris to work, and get a nice, flattering drape.

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