Tie Dye Sarees

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Tie Dye Sarees

Tie-dye print is one of the latest trends that have caught up with young Indians as well as global citizens. It is a particular type of resist-dyeing technique that is characterized by bold patterns made using bright and saturated colours. Colourful tie-dye saris make trendy attire for kitty parties, anniversary celebrations, and casual social gatherings.

The Process of tie-dye:

The printing process involves a series of steps to make shaded patterns over that fabric. The sequence begins with applying resists on the fabric by folding, twisting, pleating and crumbling the material and then binding it with strings or rubber bands. The process is followed by application of dyes where resist manipulations prevent application of colour to the resist area. In advanced printing techniques, the fabric is coloured prior to applying resists and then dyed multiple times using different manipulations to make unique contemporary and abstract patterns.

A style statement:

Bright hues forming unique designs with this art give a statement look to saris. Since hand-work is involved and the patterns are random, every tie-dye saree is a unique garment, a trendy possession for sari fanatics. You can style these colourful drapes with Bohemian or tassel jewellery and embroidered bags to uplift its vibrant look for a casual party.

Traditional sarees coloured with tie-dye printing are often edged with lace borders as well as embroidered motifs and appliques to make dressy outfits for weddings. From traditional ethnic to trendy contemporary and fusion-wear drapes, this beautiful art has indeed taken on the world! Keeping up with the latest trends and styles, saree.com has a lovely range of tie-dye saris to scale up the style quotient of your ethnic wardrobe!