Tussar Silk Sarees

Tussar Silk Sarees

The Grand Wild Silk

Many types of silk varieties are available in the market, and each one of these silk yarns is distinguished by the kind of silkworms producing it. Most silk that we know of and see is extracted from silkworms that breed on mulberry leaves/ trees (Bombyx Mori). However, there are certain silk types that are extracted from worms that live in wild trees and forests. One of the most well-known of the Non Bombyx Mori variety is Tussar Silk. Also known as Kosa Silk or Tussah silk, this wild variety is acquired from the larvae of many species of silkworm of the Antheraea moths that live in the wild forests of South Asia. Mirroring the wild spirit of these silkworms, the colour, feel and lustre of Tussar Silk have a unique personality of their own. Prized for its special texture, the exemplary, raw grandeur Tussar Silk is unmatched by other varieties of silk. It has a stunning, rich tactile texture and a natural gold sheen.

Tussar Tales

India is a big producer of this special silk type – with Bihar’s Bhagalpur, Jharkhand and other tribal regions of the area leading the way. Malda in West Bengal, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are other known producers. For a long time, Bhagalpur was the most prominent source of tussar silk weaving in India, and that’s why Bhagalpuri Tussar Silk Sarees have carved a niche of their own. Tussar Silk Sarees are also produced in other countries such as China, Japan and Sri Lanka.

Apart from Bhagalpuri sarees, tussar is used in many other Indian handlooms and indigenous textiles crafts – like Kantha work and Madhubani Painting are largely done on neutral, natural tussar base. Katha work pure tussar silk sarees are extremely popular and elegant – and are worn by ladies of a certain age and class. Odhisa’s Pattachitra art is also made on Tussar Silk fabric, and later it is made into sarees and ensembles.

Printed Tussar silks and contemporary tussar silks are also available nowadays in shops and on online websites, though this silk fabric is still equated with its characteristic dull gold, tawny, crème, beige or fawn natural colouring. The original tussar base can now be chemically dyed later for a whole gamut of more trendy and vivacious hues such as pinks, greens and reds.

At Saree.com, you can find many modern and classic geometrical print tussar silk sarees, Bhagalpuri silk sarees and even hand-picked Kantha work tussar silk saris in neutral as well as bold hues.

Since the Tussar Silk Fabric is more porous than any other variety of silk, it makes these pure Silk Saris lighter and airy, and, unlike other heavy silks, they are comfortable to wear, even in the warmer climates. Tussar silk yarn is, however, shorter than the Bombyx Mori silk yarn – so this variety may have durability issues. Thus, these saris must be maintained and cared for well.

Classy Tussar Sarees

These sarees have a rustic, raw feel to them, which lends them a character of their own. They are preferred by the Indian sari lovers, because it is inspired by traditions and customs of our glorious past – and is deeply rooted to the remote, untouched parts of our diverse nation.

Some varieties of tussar – especially in their uncoloured, unbleached, natural form - are slightly (or more) cheaper than lustrous, smoother silks – like the ones from Banaras, Kashmir and the Southern India. This is another reason for the popularity of tussar silk fabric – as the base for fabric arts and embroideries. Also, tussar silk sarees are easier to handle, while embroidering/ embellishing, which makes them perfect bases. The radiating gold texture of Tussar Silk Sarees provides a perfect base for embroidered patterns across the borders and pallu of the saree and beautiful print and paisley motifs in floral patterns over the body.

Women of all ages have a deep fascination for Tussar Silk Sarees, because of the abundant luxury and sophistication that comes with them. The latest striped and geometric designs have found a place in the wardrobes of young women as well. Ladies across the country also consider it auspicious to wear these sarees on special occasions and functions. In addition to Sarees, Tussar Silk Fabric is used for tailored outfits, suits, dupattas, lehengas, accessories as well as for drapes and furnishings.

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