Uppada Sarees

Uppada Sarees

It’s extremely heart-warming to see when an age-old fabric weaving technique is revived so beautifully and the resultant innovation becomes a novel, successful brand in itself. Well, few know but the gorgeous and now very popular Uppada Sarees from the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh narrate this glorious tale of re-planting of a revered textiles heritage and a grand success story of meticulous revival.

Uppada Saris are known as Uppada Jamdani Saris, because they actually (initially) were famous Jamdani Sarees of erstwhile Bengal (thus, Dhaka), reinstated for production in Andhra’s Uppada town. Uppada Sari’s production was started in the year 1988, led by a textiles’ revivalist. And, today it has become so popular that these sarees are a standalone brand in themselves.

Made using the similar process of weaving the prized light-weight and sheer Jamdanis, the silk Uppada beauties have a characteristic blend of lightness of Jamdani weave with the richness of plush South Indian silk. These saris are quite breezy, possess an interesting, unique texture and are quite wearable. Perfect for hot summer months, the Uppada is a special silk – that is markedly different from heavy and grand Kanjivarams or Banarasis. Yet, these saris are made in all sorts of variants – including the ones with pure silver zari – which makes the grander versions perfect for wearing by brides and guests for weddings, functions and important occasions.

Nonetheless, Uppada sarees are also available in many lighter and plainer variants, which makes them perfect for all kinds of tastes and aesthetic sensibilities. They come in a wide price range, and can be sported by saree veterans as well as novices and enthusiasts with equal elan.

At Saree.com, you can find authentic pure Upadda pattu sarees and Uppada cotton-silk sarees, sourced directly from the looms in Andhra Pradesh. These lovely saris are the buzz-word in handloom drapes, and must be a part of your wardrobe – if you cherish your sarees. Get your saree ready-to-wear, with attached fall, delivered to your home, anywhere in the world with Saree.com. We assure you of latest range, beautiful collections and best prices. Our customer service teams will be happy to assist you, walking you through our trendy collections and exclusive handloom silk saree ranges – even from our parent brand store Asopalav.

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