Velvet Sarees

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Velvet Sarees

The highly popular Velvet fabric is a pile weave – tufted in nature. It is made from either synthetic or natural fibres, where its characteristic feel is added through cut threads, consistently distributed in dense stacks. Earlier, only silk, wool and cotton yarns were used to make velvets, but as of today, velvets are made from cotton, linen, wool, mohair along with silk – and many artificial yarns. Special pile weave looms are used to create this lush fabric. Manufacturing process of velvets has evolved over the years, which ensures high thickness and lushness of the pile – as well as new and contemporary designs.

Another pile weave fabric that is often confused with velvet is the quilting favorite Chenille – a furry, tufted fabric, which reflects light differently from different angles. Although, chenille is different from velvet many think them as the same. Thus, many velvet sarees you find are actually chenille sarees. Velvet and chenille fabrics have an unusual softness and appearance, which distinguishes them from other fabrics. Soft plush velvet and modern day lightweight velvets have made it possible to drape lovely velvet saris and wraps even when it’s not peak winters.

The lush velvet sarees have recently gained a lot in terms of popularity. They are loved for their softness and rich luster. Most women do not prefer saris that are all velvet, as draping and pleating this fabric may be an issue. Thus, half and half velvet sarees are extremely popular – where the sari body is in georgette, which is easy to drape and gives a good fall – while the pallu is in velvet – lending a majestic, exquisite look to the drape.

Velvet is a very luxurious fabric, so its addition to the saree drape (even if only in the pallu, borders or the patch work) makes the saree a special occasion one. Bridal lehengas and other bridal outfits are also made in velvet, given its gorgeous look and feel.

One can wear plain Velvet Sarees, as the fabric looks lovely on its own. However, embellished velvet sarees are also quite popular. The heavy velvet base is excellent for taking all sorts of embroideries and even adornments like stone-work, beads, pearls and aari-work. Such heavy velvet saris are often worn by women as their reception saree, or ones with rich borders may be added to the wedding trousseau. Velvet lehenga saris are also quite famous, where the lower part is in any fluid fabric, and the dupatta area (i.e. the pallu) is in velvet. Or, ready to wear sarees where pleating is not required can be made in all-over velvet.

Velvet Sarees are the go-to choice for a lot of Indian women for occasions such as wedding ceremonies or other social functions, especially during the winter season. The patterns, the designs and the exquisite embroidery, especially on Velvet Sarees with stone work offer a rich look. Deep, jewel colors available in velvet look striking. At, you can find a lovely variety of trendy and chic velvet saris, and you can also buy traditional, wedding velvet saris with hand-work. The wedding outfits made from Velvet exude an old-world charm with ultimate sophistication.

You can easily buy latest Velvet Sarees at These beautiful sarees come in different designs and embellishments, like resham, sequins and zari. The entire collection here is stocked with trendy designs. The inventory is always brimming with new arrivals. So keep browsing and share these wonderful Velvet Saree patterns with your loved ones.