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White Sarees - The unmatched beauty

White- a hue that spells extreme purity! Nothing even comes close to the soothing vibes of this colour that sums up the entire spectrum in itself. When put together with a saree- a garment so inherently beautiful, it indeed makes an ethereal sight! No wonder women these days show such a strong inclination towards white colour sarees for all types of occasions, including their own wedding.

White bridal saree

Panetar- which is a white silk saree detailed with red and green panels is the wedding saree for Gujarati and Rajasthani brides while white and gold sarees as well as white Kanjivaram sarees form the traditional bridal outfit for a number of Christian communities in Southern India. Since ancient times, white sarees have been an essential ingredient of Indian traditions and auspicious occasions. You can find such traditional saris easily over the internet on popular e-commerce sites like saree.com.

Party-wear white sarees

While our deep rooted traditions have remained intact over all these years, modern women too have been hooked to wearing trendy white designer sarees for weddings and other events that demand a glamorous wardrobe. Apart from the pious feel attached to pure white and off-white sarees, they also carry an aura of classy elegance which serves a captivating detail at crowded get-togethers. So it holds that amidst all those ladies decked up in colourful sarees, salwar suits and lehenga cholis, even a simple and plain white saree woven with a rich fabric like silk, organza or sheers like soft net- will stand out as a breather- getting you more eyeballs than anyone else!

Adding colours to your drape

One of the best things about this effortlessly mesmerizing colour is that it can be easily combined with every other hue and these combinations somehow always look appealing too! White and red sarees are most commonly seen as formal-wear options. While stripes, panels, flowers and motifs in any shade, work as beautiful details. Given the current trends, a white floral saree with bold bouquets scattered all over is the smartest outfit that you can wear for a resort wedding!

How to style a white sari?

Given the versatility of this colour, you can pull off any look with these saris by teaming them up with different accessories. Golden ornaments, Meenakari, silver jewellery, polki diamonds- a white wedding saree can accommodate any of these! Likewise, to create a more contemporary to can take to minimalism while choosing your accessories. Even a simple pair of hoop earrings can smartly contemporize your white sari attire. So go ahead and explore the world of add-ons that match your individual fashion taste!

A changing scenario

White saris which were previously meant only for mourning occasions have now turned into a full-fledged fashion statement- thanks to the glamorous touch given to them by Bollywood and popular television programmes. If you’re fond of this divine colour, then the current trends are in your favour- it’s time to flaunt your best white sari looks!