Zari Weaving Sarees

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Zari Weaving Sarees

The most luxurious looking sarees are the ones adorned with zari work. A silk saree with gold threads intricately woven into the fabric is often the most prized possession of a saree owner. This process of weaving gold and silver threads into a saree is called zari work and the sarees; Zari Weaving Sarees.

Zari work is present in the traditional garments of India, Pakistan, and Persia. The tradition of zari work was brought to India by the Mughals. The zari thread is woven into the fabric of the saree to create intricate patterns.

In ancient times, Zari Woven Sarees were woven with zari work made of real gold and silver threads. Today, however, Zari Woven Sarees are not created using expensive true metals. Instead, today, Zari Woven Sarees can be classified into three types: real zari sarees, imitation zari sarees, and metallic zari sarees.

Exploring the world of Zari Woven Sarees

It is no longer feasible to use real gold and silver to make the zari threads, not only because of the cost but also the weight. These days lighter more cost effective Zari Woven Sarees are produced using very fine gold plated silver thread or artificially coloured metal threads which are woven into the saree. Golden coloured metal threads are used for the Gold Zari Woven Sarees while the Silver Zari Woven Sarees use silver coloured metal threads. Spinning and gliding are two of the techniques involved in weaving zari into a saree.

If you are looking for a traditional or contemporary Zari Woven Saree, Jaipur in Rajasthan is the place to go to. Jaipur is known globally for its Zari Woven Sarees. These are woven and embroidered, keeping in mind traditional and special occasions, including festivals, when they will be worn.

Besides, Jaipur, Surat in the state of Gujarat, is also popular for zari work, especially ribbons, borders, threads and so on. Apart from this, Zari Woven Sarees are also found in Bangalore, Madurai, Chennai, Nagpur, and other Indian cities. South India is the largest consumer of gold and silver zari threads which are liberally used in the hand-woven Kanjivaram Silk Sarees.

More about Zari Woven Sarees

Zari Woven Sarees are perfect for bridal wear for that timeless and traditional look. However, increasingly, Indian fashion designers are experimenting with Zari Woven Sarees, by coming up with different colours and innovative designs.

Zari Woven Sarees that are created with the finest of silk fabrics are very popular in a bridal trousseau. The Zari Woven Sarees from Jaipur are also very popular for bridal wear, and the bold colours of the sarees accentuate the royal look of a beautiful bride.

Another trendy saree that is perfect for weddings is the Pure Silk Patola Zari Stone Saree. This saree is woven with pure zari and the finest silk threads. Zari Woven Sarees bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern and are popular among women of all ages.

Sophisticated zari saree blouses are also available that will go well with a variety of Zari Woven Sarees. You can create blouses with a thin zari border that will go well with the heavy Zari Woven Wedding Sarees.

Shopping online for Zari Woven Sarees

You can create different and multiple looks when shopping for Zari Woven Sarees online at You can pick up different Zari Woven Sarees available in different fabrics, especially silk. These Zari Woven Sarees will satisfy even the most discerning buyer.

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