Being a bride-to-be is certainly not easy. Endless to-do-lists, appointments with designers, beauty salons, caterers, wedding shopping and lot more! Tasks are endless – to say the truth. The ultimate key to keep the stress miles away from the bride-to-be is - proper ‘planning’ and sticking to it each day with determination. With clear-cut plan and accurate implementation, one can definitely walk the aisle looking stunning, without a bag full of stress and burden.
Let’s see what preps are necessary for making a colossal transformation that is preordained, smooth and memorable for every bride-to-be. As we know, the wedding day is no less than a dream for many lasses. Fantasies about the perfect man and a perfect wedding - which she has woven for years, are finally going to come true.
With lot of hard work, we have curated a long list of bride-to-be’s guidelines on scoring beautiful skin, body, bridal trousseau and much more. Scroll down for all the ‘important things’ every bride-to-be must know – from 12 months ahead from the wedding day to the D-Day.
Finalizing The Wedding Ensemble :
  • Choose what kind of a wedding the couple wants to have?
  • Choose ensembles, according to the wedding type on agenda.
  • Learn or research about current fashion trends in the market.
  • Begin to make a blueprint (no matter however vague. Key is to make a start.)
  • Plan a budget.
  • Best way to begin with is to decide - what kind of a wedding the couple wishes to have - a destination wedding or a simple marriage with a few guests and nearest families – or the usual big fat wedding with all the works? Once finalized, a bride-to-be can choose her wedding ensemble accordingly. The groom too can decide on his – at this time.
    A Gujarati bride can go for a traditional red and white Panetar saree or a Gharchola, while other Indian brides can opt for a red bridal lehenga choli. Though most of the brides love to stick to their roots, several brides also like experimenting, when it comes to colours and styles of the wedding ensemble.
    This is the best time to start learning about the on-going bridal fashion trends in the market.
    Not to forget the prelude - this comprises of various functions and ceremonies celebrating the new beginning. Count the total number of pre-wedding functions a bride will have to attend as this will help her draw a plan; no bride-to-be would like to carry the same look at every function. It’s good to start making a layout from the day the bride has notable information.
    Another crucial thing that cannot be side-lined is – budget. It is essential to decide a specific number. Additional perk of planning a budget is that it will stop the bride-to-be from turning into a spend-thrift
    A fruitful tip to follow every morning: Drink a glass of hot water mixed with ‘lemon and honey.’
  • Begin a thorough research about contemporary wedding designers and present-day bridal styles.
  • Search for renowned bridal boutiques and shops in the town and out-of-the-town
  • Keep the diary at hand to refer to or to note important things.
  • Talk to other newly wedded brides about their experiences to avoid the mistakes they did.
  • A bride ends up spending good amount on her D-Day attire. Therefore, it is advisable to indulge in thorough research about bridal styles and ace designers available in the market. Drawing a list of designers, whose designs resemble with bride’s ideas, will also help.
    But, wait what if the bride does not wish to get her attire designed from an ace designer? Such brides can search for the boutiques that design bridal clothes or the shops that sell beautiful wedding attires to choose from for a wedding day. Being a tech-savvy era, a bride can bookmark the page she likes or can collect cut outs and paste them in a diary that she can keep handy.
    Talking to the newly wedded brides about their experiences on choosing the ensemble they did or about the accessories will help the bride-to-be note the do’s and don’ts while selecting her own ensemble. So go for it, girls!
  • Join a gym – focus on the weaker as well as strong areas of the body.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated all day. Keep protein bars handy.
  • Visit bridal shops and boutiques at the near-by-areas or the ones noted in the list prepared previous month.
  • Try out different kinds of wedding ensembles at various shops.
  • It’s time that the bride-to-be’s pay attention to their own body. Look for a gym with an experienced trainer. Discussing about the flaw areas and core areas of the body with the instructor will help tone the body in specific time.
    If the bride is not keen on joining the gym, people friendly parks are the best option. Early morning walks or jogging is a nice way to burn calories. Now all she has to do is sweat it all!
    While she is busy sweating out it is essential to feed the body with the right amount of nutrition and food. Keep the protein bars and shakes at hand. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated all day.
    Another thing on this month’s list should be to - visit the bridal shops marked the former month. Trying out new style of bridal dresses can help form a clear idea of what kind of an ensemble the bride wants. Refrain to try lot of ensembles as it may lead to confusion. Best thing would be to – keep the mind open, without pre-determined rules and clauses.
  • Finalizing a designer by this month is essential.
  • Discuss the ideas about the wedding ensemble with the finalized designer.
  • Ensemble should be in making by now.
  • Make sure perfect measurements have been submitted.
  • Ask to keep losing in the blouse(s) in case need to alter it.
  • By this month a search for the costume designer should be completed. Once confirmed, having a straight discussion with the designer is the most basic thing. Discussion will help the designer form an idea of what kind of the outfit bride is looking for and thus will design accordingly. Exclusive outfit should be under process by now!
    If the bride wishes to buy from the shop, she should have finalized the shop and her ensemble by now. The shop will have skilled tailors to attend the bride. Make them note every essential measurement (Don’t forget to ask them keep some losing in the blouse, in case one needs to re-open it.)
    All the bride need to do is waiting for her wedding ensemble and visualize her in the most gorgeous ensemble!
    Salons And Body Care :
  • Hair should be pampered with (chemical free) treatments and a massage at a reputed salon.
  • Get a nice haircut apt to the face cut.
  • Shift from hard-core exercises to an easy and effective workout.
  • Meditation is the key to a calm and balanced mind.
  • Looking for job opportunities in the state or a country the bride will shift.
  • Start focusing on self-care from this month onwards. Considered to be one of the best accessories a girl possesses, hair care is the crucial thing. A bride-to-be should visit a reputed salon and get herself a nice haircut 6 months prior to the wedding. Getting rid of split ends and broken hair strands will help keep hair healthy and strong. And not to forget that the right hair-cut can definitely change ones look. Advisable to choose the hairdo wisely! Learn about suitable hair serums or after wash lotions that will leave hair silky and shiny for a considerable period.
    From hard core gym routine, one can shift to aerobics. ‘Keep moving’ – is the mantra! One more better for health task a bride should embrace in her routine is – meditation. Practicing it daily will de-stress the mind while a fragrant oil body massage will help de-stress the body.
    Amidst all, job which plays a fundamental role in today’s career-oriented woman’s life deserves an equal amount of attention. If the girl is going to shift to another country or state post wedding, it is essential that she begins her search for job opportunities abroad or in another state where she is likely to settle. It will help her stay on the right path, not losing her identity in between marriage and novel responsibilities it shall carry with it. Start discovering!
    4 - 5 MONTHS BEFORE:
  • Work on the overall look – get the blemishes, yellowness in teeth, etc. treated.
  • Shop for pre-wedding ensembles this month.
  • Give the ensembles for tailoring and fitting - at a trustable tailoring shop soon.
  • Picking the best honeymoon destination giving vent to wander lust post-wedding.
  • With the wedding day arriving at the great speed, skin calls for great care. Getting an appointment fixed with an experienced dermatologist to treat skin flaws is the first thing a bride-to-be must do at the moment. Excessive hair growth, yellowness in teeth or an unpleasant smile – such flaws can be perfected with proper care and treatment. For we believe, nothing’s impossible when one’s determined to look the best on her D-Day!
    This month is all about giving the wander lust a boast. Again it’s time to awake the shopper within. Ensembles for pre and post wedding functions should be shopped now. Try to keep different styles and looks for each celebration. Go for a green lehenga choli for mehendi function or a multi-coloured circular lehenga choli for sangeet event. Once done with buying ensembles, next step is to find a great tailor and get the clothes (blouses) ready-to-wear.
    Here comes the most exciting part post wedding – a honeymoon trip. It asks for a groom’s involvement while selecting the honeymoon destination. Pick a destination after contemplating on hobbies, interests of both and time of the year couple will be honeymooning. Book tickets now to avoid a big hole in the pocket.
    Shopping And Packing of Bags :
    2 - 3 MONTHS BEFORE:
  • Choose healthy food over junk food to avoid food poisoning.
  • Go for a famous Indian body shaping method – Yoga.
  • Buy beauty essentials from a branded company (to avoid skin allergies).
  • Finalize mehendi (Indian Tattoo) artists.
  • Opt for a healthy food over junk food. Add cashew nuts, almonds and healthy bars to the diet. It will help boost physical, mental and emotional well-being. A body-soothing yoga in the morning can be beneficial too.
    Shop beauty essentials now! It would be ideal to look for a compact and concealer shades near to the skin complexion. It will save the bride-to-be from ending up looking like a disaster. After all, no bride would like to go wrong on any of her special days. Better to take help of make-up experts available at the stores to find the best one.
    The most important thing that enhances the beauty of a bride - Mehendi (which holds immense importance in the Indian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani countries and among other ethnicities) its artist needs to be confirmed by now. Look for heena designs and exclusive motifs that would make Mehndi look beautiful and enchanting.
  • Stay away from sunlight. Apply sunscreen lotion before going out to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Take a minimum of 3 months of official leave from the office or can start working from home.
  • Spend all possible time with the family.
  • Pack the bags smartly – first bag comprising of honeymoon ensembles and another bag of routine ensembles.
  • Beauty sleep is a must to look beautiful and energetic.
  • Check fitting of all the ensembles to avoid panic at the last minute.
  • 30 days away from the wedding asks for a stable and calm mind. First thing to do if the bride-to-be is a working woman is to start working from home and better would be to go on a leave for 2 – 3 months. It will allow the bride-to-be to spend quality time with her parents and siblings. Secondly, it will allow the newly wedded bride to settle down properly and then return back to work. Time to shower love, brides!
    Along with the family cuddles this is a time to shower love on your fiancé too. This is the best time to go for a pre-wedding photo shoot. Use the props smartly and capture the best moments to cherish forever in the best possible way!
    Still 2 more things are yet to complete. Any guess? Though not a very big thing, it is an inevitable part of the to-do-list – packing bags. Wise thing to do is to arrange a separate bag for honeymoon and day-to-day clothes. It is highly possible that the bride won’t get time to pack bags once she visits her new home.
    Beauty sleep is a must. Adequate sleep will help avoid dark circles and keep the bride-to-be full of much-needed vigour amidst pre-wedding functions which must have started by now. Complete the body cleansing tasks like – waxing, manicure and pedicure - a week before the wedding day.
    Congratulations! Finally the most awaited day is about to arrive. Settle down, stay composed and smile. Beautiful smile and twinkle in the eyes make for a gorgeous bride. Stay happy, stay blessed!