Raksha Bandhan 2016

Raksha Bandhan 2016

How many of us know, from our trysts with the great epic Ramayanathat Lord Rama had a loving sister – who gave up her royal parental home to ensure her brothers came into the world? Only a handful!

While the romantic love is celebrated incessantly and motherly love is revered everywhere, the beautiful bond of unconditional love and affection between a brother and sister seldom gets its due. Poets, authors, writers, artists, film makers, who continue to wax eloquent about humane interactions, relationships, love and sacrifice, frequently forget to craft ‘creations’ on this pristine love bond.

Raksha bandhan

To celebrate the relationship of brother and sister, the holy festival of Raksha Bandhan was instituted. Originally a Hindu festival, Raksha bandhan or Rakhi holds significance for all religions and cultures, across the world. It is largely celebrated in India or among Indian, Hindu and Jain communities.

Rakhi 2016

Rakhi typically falls on the Full Moon day of the Shravan month of Hindu calendar. As per the Western Calendar, this festival comes in the month of August. Raksha Bandhan 2016 is on 18th August 2016.

A festival without boundaries...

But the love of sister and brother is a universal phenomenon. That is why, many people hold RakshaBandhan as a secular festival, celebrating it irrespective of their religion or culture.

One doesn’t have to be biologically attached to celebrate this wonderful concept. Anyone who considers someone a brother or sister can celebrate this festival.

A promise of support and protection...

The usage Raksha Bandhan translates to a bond (bandhan) of protection and safety (raksha). Raksha Bandhan is a festival where the sister ties the sacred thread on the wrist of her brother, and in turn, gets the (unspoken) promise that her brother will stand by her in every situation, protecting her from adversity, ensuring her safety.

The Gift of Love!

Along with the promise of eternal support, care and affection, brothers give Rakhi gifts to their sisters. Each year, after the sister ties or sends the holy thread of Rakhi, the brother gives Rakhi gifts to his sister. Rakhi gifts for sister are special tokens of love, and that is why they hold a lot of significance.

The Legend

One of the most popular stories behind thefestival of Rakhi, also known as Rakhri, is about the ‘promise of aid and protection’ between a Hindu queen and a Muslim emperor. This legend of the festival dates back to the Mughal rule in India.

It is said that Rani Karnavati, the queen of Mewar and the grandmother of Rana Pratap, once wrote to Mughal Emperor Humayun calling him her brother. She requested for Humayun’s help, when her regency was threatened by an attack from Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. Although, the great king was late in reaching, he honored the special bond, and did reinstate slain queen’s son as the ruler of Mewar.

Secret Keepers and Secret Revealers

Sisters and brothers are the best friends, who spend their best (as well as worst) childhood and adolescence years together. They know each other’s strengths and failings like the back of their hand. They are the secret keepers, and also the secret revealers. They often are each other’s biggest supporters.

Transcending the Boundaries…

This is an amazing bond that seldom changes – despite time, distance and age.That is why, wherever Indian (sisters and brothers) live – in separate cities, countries or continents – they never forget to celebrate this lovely day and bond.

It is common for sisters to send Rakhi Online or via mail and Rakhi Greetings to their brothers, studying, working or living in far off countries or places. And, in turn, the loving brothers also do not forget to send great Rakhi gifts to their sisters.

Earlier, it was not easy and many times the gifts had to wait for the actual meeting. But now, thanks to Online Shopping and Gifting facilities, brothers can pick and choose amazing Raksha Bandhan gifts for their sisters, and ensure that they reach them right on the special day of Rakhi festival.

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The Festival of Sibling Love

In fact, it’s same for all the siblings. What you have with your brother or sister – the ease and comfort - you can rarely have the same equation with anyone else in the world.

Many people, thus, also hold that Rakhi is a festival about sibling love. Women tie Rakhi to each other, for the same reason, in many communities.

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Universal Goodwill

Raksha Bandhan is festival of universal goodwill, for it celebrates a very unique aspect of human relationships. In many communities, especially in Jain culture, thus, Rakhi thread is given to the devotees by the head priest or Guru, as a token of affection, In turn, devotees offer various offerings to their temple and priest.

In many communities, girls also tie Rakhi to their sister-in-law (brother’s wife) as well as nephews. This is an extension of the tradition, and signifies that the sister, after her brother’s marriage, extends her love and affection to his entire family.

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