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16 Awesome Saree Blouse Designs for Weddings

A saree, however beautiful and expensive it may be, is incomplete without a good, stylish and well-fitting matching blouse. In other words, a blouse is to a saree – as love is to life. Both have no meaning without each other! Let’s not get too philosophical, though, and concentrate on talking about blouses – also known as saree blouses or cholis.

Women spend endless time, energy and effort on getting the best wedding saree for themselves or for close relatives. Some wear bridal saree for their most important day, while others buy expensive and ornate party-wear sarees and wedding sarees for important occasions and functions. Wedding trousseaus are also incomplete without heavy silk sarees,  Kanchipuram sarees and fancy, designer sarees.

Unfortunately, many women forget about blouse – its look, design, cut, color etc. – while finalizing on grand sarees. Later on, when they want a trendy blouse done, they realize that the blouse piece with the saree is either not stylish enough, or is lesser in measurement than required for the blouse design chosen by them. This leaves them in lurch; many even buy extra blouse pieces or ready-made blouses.

Thus, it makes sense to decide first-hand what kind of blouse – long sleeved, boat-necked, heavily embroidered, plain, with lace etc. – you would want with your special saree. It also helps if you check how a blouse piece will actually appear, when stitched by looking at accompanying model images. That is why tries to showcase blouse designs with many of its sarees and lehengas. To help you further, here we enlist 16 most popular, trendy and latest blouse designs for wedding sarees and more.

Latest Saree Blouse Design for Wedding

  1. Elbow length sleeves, embroidered silk blouse

Elbow length sleeves are not only in fashion right now, they also are very versatile and suit women of all body shapes. Avoid this length, however, if your arms are too skinny. Colorful embroidery on blouse uplifts the entire look of the saree. 

  1. 2 toned, Nawabi, matka neckline, scalloped short sleeved, embroidered blouse

A true blue wedding and bridal saree blouse design, this one is absolutely vibrant and royal. It is a blouse style that will not go out of style ever. However, if you want a deep cut back, this is not for you. The back neckline is high in this design, but you can always get a window-back done in this –

  1. Metallic embroidery, three-fourth sheer sleeves blouse

Sheer sleeves, shoulders and backs are one of the hottest trends in blouses right now. You can choose sleeve lengths or areas, which you want with sheer/ transparent detail. These blouses are great for party wear sarees and festive sarees, and you can sport one of these even with your reception saree. Avoid this style, if you have flabby or very broad upper arms. 

  1. Boat-neck, plain bodice and embroidered sleeves blouse

Another in-vogue trend is boat-necks. These blouses are not low-cut in front or back, but can always have window-backs. In fact boat-necks with cut-out backs are quite in fashion. Embroidery only on sleeves and not on bodice is a good idea, if you have a fuller bust that you would not wish to highlight. However, this style – contrasting sleeves and bodice – will make your shoulders broader – so if that’s not what you want – avoid. 

  1. Waist-length, long choli style, cap-sleeved blouse

One of the most loved styles with bridal lehengas and wedding sarees, this will add an extra oomph to your saree style. Waist length cholis are good for those, who wish to hide extra belly bulge or fat. Don’t get it too long, though, or you may find tying your saree difficult. You can play around with sleeves length, but short sleeves will look the best. 

  1. Sheer-back, sheer sleeved, embroidered georgette blouse

Works the best with flowy georgette sarees and similar materials. This sensuous and fashionable blouse design finds great favour with younger, college going girls and fashion-forward divas. Although, this is one of the trendiest blouse designs, it is best that you don’t pair it up with handloom silk sarees or Kanjivaram sarees. A designer reception saree will look great with this revealing and modish trend, though.  

  1. Heavily embroidered, full, long-sleeved silk blouse

This is a very beautiful, evergreen blouse style, which works well for women of all ages and body types. Avoid it, though, if you happen to have a V-shaped body, short neck with heavy bust or upper back fat. 

  1. Tone-on-tone heavy embroidery, elbow-length sleeves, georgette blouse

This design works the best when you have a vibrant saree or there already is too much color. Tone on tone embroidery, albeit heavy, will keep the overall look trendy and light, while fluid georgette shall ensure that the vibe remains young and modish. 

  1. Angarakha style, contrasting color embroidered and sequined blouse

Use this heavy and ornate blouse design for one of your beautiful silk sarees, and see how you manage to transform the entire look of your saree – from a usual traditional look to an absolutely unique and regal look. 

  1. Collared Blouses

Collared blouses are a great way to add an extra dimension to your saree look. Collars can be of a variety of ways, and they lend a unique and youthful look to the saree. While Chinese collars and other varieties of stand collars are quite popular, women are also experimenting with shirt collars and Peter-pan collars. 

  1. Classic stringed low back, embroidered blouse

A classic style that will always be in fashion, and the one that can be worked to perfection in numerous ways. You may also choose to get a low back with strings on a plain blouse to go with your heavy Mysore or Bangalore silks. This design is also common with most bridal sarees like Panetar sarees or heavy Banarasi silk sarees.   

  1. Zipper-detail, embroidered neckline, short-sleeved blouse

A modern take on a classic design, this one is great, when you crave for an edgy, smoldering look. Visible zippers can also be added to back and sleeves for extra oomph! 

  1. High neck, heavily embroidered, full sleeved blouse

High-neck blouses with heavy embroidery on stand collar or high neckline are making a huge comeback this season. Very majestic, they offer an ethereal, old-age charm – and their retro appeal is what gives them a classy look. Mostly these blouses come in full-sleeved designs, but that should not stop you from experimenting with other sleeve lengths. Avoid this design, if you wish to wear heavy neck jewelry on a wedding or function. Also, women with short, stocky necks, double chins, or very heavy busts should steer clear of this design. 

  1. Classic, short-sleeved, embroidered blouse

If all else fails, this is one tried and tested blouse design that will always hold you in good stead. Use this if your saree is light to medium – in weave or work. However, keep the blouse rather plain or lightly embroidered, if saree is a heavy, full weave like brocade, or has lots of embroidery on pallu.

  1. Cut-work detail, sequins-work, full sleeved blouse

Very hot trend, cut-work works like charm in infusing unparalleled feminine appeal and girly charm to your blouse and saree. It’s fierce enough to make an impression, yet it has an extremely delicate look – and the result is utter gorgeousness. Here, cut-work’s dainty grace mingles with sequins’ exquisite allure!

  1. Evergreen and classy, boat-neck and embroidered back, embroidered elbow-length sleeves silk blouse

If you take this blouse out of your closet after 10 years to wear on a close one’s wedding – you will still find it as elegant and graceful as it appears today (provided your size remains the same)! Well, that is the classic and timeless quality of this balanced design. Need we say more?

Hope you find your perfect blouse match through this article on blouse designs for wedding sarees. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to add them in the comments section below. If you have any queries to products, designs shown in images or would like to buy something similar, you may also write in with your queries to

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