Walking around the store through a screen – Visit Us from across the globe…with Video Calling!

The wonders of technology have turned the world into a global village. Bridging distances, even when we are continents apart, is easier than ever – and the all-round benefits of these amazing technologies are visible in almost every sphere of life.

At our tech-enabled e-store, we strive to take you closer to your favorite Indian and ethnic outfits – by bringing you an in-Store, real-time shopping experience. The constraints of distance and location, notwithstanding!

Now, you may be anywhere in the world – you will not miss shopping for your beloved ensembles – the ones that are an integral part of your culture and persona – thanks to Video Calling – a thoughtfully conceived Shopping Solution.

What is Video Calling?

Wearing outdated styles, because you didn’t get the newest ones or missing your motherland for such reasons is not an option anymore!

Different than the usual Online Buying process, where you feel hesitant buying expensive and elite designer wear for important occasions like weddings, Video Calling is like buying straight from the store – albeit over electronic media.

The innovative service that’s akin to a highly customized Personal Shopping facility lets you see, access and shop for latest and trendiest Indian, ethnic and eastern wear – over Facetime (for iOS), Skype and WhatsApp Video Calls.

What do you have to do?

All you need is a Whatsapp, Skype or Facetime ID. And, a device that supports uninterrupted Video chats.

The process is simple, easy and straightforward. Fill a basic form on our websites or Or go directly to this link – Or, write to us at

Give us a few details – share your outfit requirements – and our personal shopping guides will allot a call appointment for you within 12-15 working hours. You will receive communication about your call time and other specifications, beforehand. You have the choice to accept the allotted Call Time or even ask for another one.

Your Personal Shopper

World over, high end stores offer Personal Shoppers, who guide and facilitate the buying process for privileged clients. They work as Style Guides, taking the patrons through the collections and available options, helping them pick the best fit – as per their (customers’) requirements, likes and specifications.

At, our Video Call representatives are your Personal Shoppers – who take you through this intriguing and fun shopping journey. Keeping in mind your preferences, they meticulously shortlist and showcase merchandise perfect for you – as you (electronically) amble through our gorgeous brand store Asopalav.

Our Brand Store – Asopalav

Buying with Video Calling equals to shopping straight from a leading ethnic designer wear store in India. Our brand store Asopalav is a leader in the ethnic and Indian wear sector in Gujarat – since last 4 decades. For now, however, the store is physically present in India. You can access its gorgeous collections through our Premium wear sections at – but then, there you still are shopping online.

Video Calling takes you up, close and personal with our vast store and the length and breadth of its maddening variety – irrespective of your geographic location.

What do you get?

With the service, you get access to an amazing variety of

And, all of this you see LIVE – in real time – over a video – as you video chat with our personnel – who take you through the Store.

You can assess the merchandise of your choice for colors, combinations, embroidery, fabric falls, drapes – almost everything – you would, if you visited the store (except for physically trying the outfit yourself).

You can see these garments on the mannequins or even our representatives would wear (or drape) – should you ask – a Indo-western lehenga or heavy silk saree or a Men’s tuxedo to give you the complete feel of how these would appear.

What’s more?

What Our Customer Wants to Say?

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Video Shopping Makes Your Wardrobe Dreams Come True

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