Well, you may not see much of sunshine during the wet and damp rainy days of monsoons. But, should that stop you from shining yourself?

No, not at all! In fact, the lovely rains are a perfect time to shine, sizzle and look great…After all, it’s only after soul-drenching, lovely rains that you get relief from all the sweat, grime and heat of summers.

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Only…it is not so easy!

Monsoons, however awaited they are, bring with them their fair share of troubles – from major traffic snarls to swampy (okay, not swampy but water-logged, nonetheless) roads to stomach bugs and skin break-outs. And then, there’s that always impending question – “What should I wear?”

We are not saying that we will give you some panacea, or answer that troubling question for you – sorry! But yes, from years of experience (of having lived and worked in cities with rains-with-a-mind-of-their-own), travel, observation and my personal research endeavors, we can surely reveal some treasures that will –
….let you shine – come rain or hail!

1. Follow this Mantra

Eat Light…Sleep Tight…and Exercise Right

  • Eat Light:
    eat-light-1.BDigestion takes a beating in this season. This is the scientific reason behind the famous ‘Sawan/ Shravan’ month fasting ritual, popular in Indian culture. Plus, our systems are vulnerable to seasonal bugs. Water and food contamination is likely, and so are viral and bacterial infections – given the moist/ damp environs. So – eat light! And, eat at home, preferably.
  • Sleep Tight:
    SLEEP TIGHTSunlight is important for our overall well-being. Lack of sunlight, heat and excess of moisture breeds germs, mosquitoes and flies. Such environment also leaves our bodies susceptible to aches, pains and infections. Sleeping well boosts immunity. Hence, it is a must, if you wish to avoid monsoon infections and bugs.
  • Exercise Right:
    excersise-right-1.ARainy days’ relaxed vibes, extra coffees and spicy bhajiyas – all, coupled with friendly outings and extra sleepiness in mornings will prompt you to miss out on gym and exercise sessions. Joggers and brisk walkers may have the reason of wet parks and roads, while sports buffs may end up genuinely missing out on practice, given the water-logged playgrounds/ fields. However, instead of finding 100 excuses, find a few askance ways you can still continue to get your regular quota of exercise.

Vital Reminders – Our bodies are vulnerable, our bones are softer and roads (and other walking surfaces) tend to be wet and muddy – during the rainy season. So, take care! Wear rain friendly, non-slippery shoes. Never exercise beyond your capacity. Do not strain yourself, if you feel muscular strains and pains. Listen to your body. Eat carefully. Drink clean water. Wash and dry your feet well. Steer clear of infections.

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2. Bring out the Colors!
Dull, grey skies, lack of sunshine, overcast afternoons and sleepy evenings – rains pack a punch with all these too. There is less of going out, mingling and eating out. As the day ends, few of us have the patience and energy left to fight the traffic snarls, and indulge in some night revelry.

Result? Feeling drab, dull, gloomy and lonely already? Well, many won’t even wish to go in to work or school, given those moist, lazy mornings.


To handle these low feelings, and put everything on the upswing – bring out those colors in full bloom.

  • Dress vibrantly and youthfully.
  • Wear bright, uplifting colors like sunshiny yellows, bubble-gum pinks, forest greens, dazzling blues and fiery reds.
    Don’t wear drab, colorless clothes. Steer clear of greys, blacks, dull blues etc.
  • White is also not a good idea. Say no to other pastel and light colors too.
  • Pair dark colored clothes with bright colored pop-up accessories like scarves, jewelry, fun shoes, statement rings, bags, multi-colored umbrellas etc.
  • Bring in variety to your work and college wear.
  • Capris and t-shirts are great, if they are not your regular wardrobe staples, because this will bring in a refreshing change, but don’t just stick to them.
  • Florals are a great way to pep up your monsoon wardrobe. You can also wear floral sarees in fluid, breezy fabrics like chiffons and georgettes for that romantic movies’ like feel.
  • Indian dress suits paired with leggings, culottes and churidaars work better than the ones paired with salwars and palazzos. Use colorful, flowy dupattas.
  • Floral and floaty dresses – midi (mid-length) or short – are perfect for rainy days. Jazz those up with neon and sunshine colored jackets and shrugs.

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3. Banish Skin and Hair Woes

Skin and hair tend to lose their luster, during monsoons, especially if you are not careful. Take good care of your health and diet, for starters.

  • Is it an infection?
    INFECTION-3.ASkin tends to take on a dull, grey coloring, if you suffer from infections and stomach bug. Take immediate action; consult a physician – if you see any such change. Clean, hygienic water and food are non-negotiable in monsoons.
  • Healthy Fluids
    HEALTHY-FLUIDS-3.BYou may not feel as thirsty in rains, as you did during the summer months. But, that must not make you reduce your fluid intake. Drink clean, preferably boiled, water. Instead of going overboard with sodas and sugary drinks, drink Nariyal Pani (coconut water) and fresh, citrus juices. If you feel like drinking warm liquids, make some sumptuous soups and green/ flavored teas (instead of overdosing on tea and coffee). Warm milk, infused with turmeric, is a good, rejuvenating bed time drink in monsoons.
  • Hair Care
    HAIR-CARE-3.CMany people tend to lose hair, during rainy months. Excessive moisture and dampness weaken the hair shaft, making the hair dull and stringy. Avoid getting your hair wet in rains. Carry umbrellas, or raincoats with rain-cap. Do not leave your hair wet for long. Although hair dryers have their own disadvantages, you can’t ignore them during monsoons. Use a hair-dryer – at low setting – to dry hair, especially your scalp. Avoid leaving oil in hair for long periods. Overnight oiling is fine, though.
  • Skin Care
    SKIN-CARE.3.DPimples, allergies, infections, mosquito-bites etc. are common issues in monsoons. Humid weather is a bane! Keep your skin clean. Wash regularly; also after you have been drenched in rains. Ones with oily skins must take special care. It’s best to avoid make up, during this time. Or, at least, stick to water-proof, non-comedogenic, high quality make up products. Clean your face/ neck extremely well (but gently), at the end of the day.

Follow these tips – along with a healthy lifestyle, and you shall largely be able to breeze through a ‘sunshiny’ monsoon period! And, before we leave you to enjoy the rains to the hilt, here are a few more important, handy tips –


  • Shorts, colorful raincoats in psychedelic colors, monsoon appropriate footwear, water-proof mobile covers are all great buys – for monsoons.
  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements to keep your immune system in top shape, during rains.
    Avoid eating at roadside stalls and places with dubious hygiene standards.
  • Walk and drive carefully; be considerate towards pedestrians and fellow motorists.
  • Keep your alcohol consumption to zero/ minimum.
  • Do not leave standing, stagnant water, anywhere at or around your home. Disinfect garden area and open water sources.
  • Avoid swimming in public pools.
  • Be active and energetic.