Calling all saree lovers! I have a question… What do you think is most important, when it comes to looking great in a saree? Agreed, there are quite a few aspects, like these.

Yet, the integral question remains – what is ‘the’ key aspect? Is it your personal style and fitness? Or does the real beauty lie in the ‘drape’ and fabric? Or, is the saree blouse most important?

Well, if you ask me – blouse really is the winner! An ill-fitting, badly cut blouse looks tacky, and a faded, ill-matched one will take away a saree’s (and wearer’s) entire grace. Ever heard the story – how pretty a bridal lehenga was, but a strange choli robbed the expensive wedding outfit of its beauty!! Truly, it’s not only the sarees – formal weddings sarees or office-wear sarees – but also the lehenga that benefit a great deal from pretty, well-stitched blouses or cholis.

But, just as there are some ‘must-follow rules for blouses’, there also are smart ways to style them. Like? For starters, invest in good fabrics and tailors. Then, decide on the designs – evergreen, timeless ones or chic, modish ones; heavily embroidered or minimal. Always choose a back design wisely, as it’s actually the ‘visible’ part. Don’t pick something just because it’s trendy – pick it because it will look great on ‘you’ and for the occasion. To help you – here we bring you a list of 15 awesome saree blouse back designs

Trendy Saree Blouse Back Design

1. The Sheer Back

Super trendy, it’s one of the most fashionable blouse-back designs right now! Blouse fabric is sheer, like net or transparent georgette. Lining material is not attached on the back, so it remains see-through. This may extend from shoulders to the entire back, or may just be till mid-length. For a completely sheer back, get a padded blouse done. Choose fabric wisely, as something that’s too thin or slouchy may not hold well without lining.

Avoid, if you have visible back fat, or if you are going to wear this in cold weather. This style doesn’t look good with silk sarees and heavy woven ones like Banarasis. 

Image 1 Sheer Back with Embroidery01 - Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -

2. Back slit design

This one keeps making a well-deserved come-back. You may see it on a trendy, Bohemian diva, flaunting a handloom silk or cotton silk saree with this simple yet cutesy style. You may vary the length and placements of slits, keeping in mind occasion and saree pairing. A small slit is a good idea with regular sarees, office wear sarees and lehengas for little girls. Deep ones, running from neck top to blouse hem have a raw, sensuous appeal.

This design can be done on a close-cut neckline. Don’t use blouses with big slits for corporate wear. It looks fabulous on printed cotton/silk or patterned mashru/ gajji silk. Suits most body types.

Back slit Design

3. The V-back

Classic shape that’s unlikely to go wrong. You can do many variations on it, ranging from a simple V back to a stringed one, or one with additional slits. A V-window or cut-out style blouse back is in-vogue.

Suits most body types, and will look especially good on women with broad shoulders. It’s a slimming style.

Image 2 Back V Neck01 - Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -

4. Boat neckline

Another timeless style that’s making a huge comeback! The back neckline is not deep, and is close cut in a classic boat shape. There are many variations possible – and it can be combined with other styles like slit design and sheer back.

Regular boat-neck doesn’t look great on hefty women or ones with short necks. Ones with rounder torsos, however, may like this style. This is a chic and trendy style, as of now.    

Boat neck design

5. Classic Shape with strings, strips etc.

Round, U, Square, V, Sweetheart, Princess-cut – any shape may be made deep and broad and strings with colorful latkans, beads and other decorative elements may be used to keep the neck in place. This is one of the most popular and versatile blouse back designs. Many variations are possible – so find what works the best for you.

Although, the popularity of this is on a downtrend, it’s unlikely it will ever go out of use. It looks beautiful on all shapes and sizes. But, avoid it, if you are too skinny or are conscious about showing-off your back. A good posture and upright shoulders enhance the beauty of this design.

Image 8 high neck blouse back copy - Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -

6. Classic Shape without strings

 There are tons of shapes to choose from, when it comes to picking a simple, evergreen, deep blouse back design. Choose round shape, if you are frail shouldered or would like to add some girth. Broad shouldered ones, instead, may pick the U-shape or better still, a V-shape. Matka necklines are also a good idea, if you want to show off your back, but don’t want breadth at the shoulder level.

Image 3 - Basic Round Neck With Piping01 - Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -

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7. Window Style back

This one is like a cut-out design, where blouse is usually made in a close-cut neckline, a boat neckline or a high neck-line. Tapering Matka-necklines on front, which are close-cut at the back may also have this styling. Looks super sensuous, and can be made in tons of designs! Choose a much-loved round window or in-vogue V-window!

These blouses have hook and eye closures at the back. You will need a padded front blouse to flaunt it. Keep your back radiant and smooth to look great in this one!

Image 4 - Back Window Design With Back Buttons01 - Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -

8. Halter neck

It’s a youthful, western shape, and looks great with party-wear lehengas and fashionably flimsy georgette sarees and chiffon sarees. However, this modish shape is not easy to carry off, as it exposes much of your shoulders and upper back – and around the underarm area too. So, don’t venture in this direction, unless you are confident of flaunting these key spots.

If this design happens to look good on you – then you are blessed, as it is an extremely sensuous and gorgeous design. Toned arms and shoulders are a must, though!   

Halter Neck

9. Only Strings design

Pretty obviously, this design is what you call the classic back-less shape. The padded blouse or choli-cut blouse has little fabric at the back to hold it in place. Instead, two – on top and bottom – or multiple strings are used to hold the blouse in place. Designers also come up with many variations in this ethnic, village-belle blouse style. Strips, instead of strings, may be used.   

Image 5 - Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -

10. Lattice design or Cross Stringed

Patterns like much-loved chequered design may be made as lattice pattern on the back. In the checked lattice or grid design, every alternate square has fabric, while the others are fabric-less, which gives the design a chessboard-like appearance. Cross strings or strips too may be used to create lattice designs on the blouse backs.

Lattice design

11. Princess Cut Back Design

Princess-cut blouses are much in vogue, and are fast replacing the usual dart-style on the blouse front. In this kind of back design, the arm hole and the blouse-back body are kept distinct with piping or embroidery and are stitched in a structured manner. Strings, back closure and other details are added.

This design looks nice on women who are busty or have a heavier upper body, as this lends a definitive structure and shape to the torso. Lehenga cholis also look good in this design.

Image 6 - Back Sweetheart Neck with embroidery01 - Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -

12. Collared back style

It’s as clear as it sounds. This style has collars on back and front. Generally, many collared styles have a high cut neckline on the back and collars on the front only. But, who says you can’t have identical collars on the back too! Add buttons on the back for an extra edge. Peter Pan collars look the best.

Flaunt this for an edgy, youthful take. Printed and plain sarees in flowy fabrics and cotton sarees look good with this one. Make a top bun, and pair a pretty plain crepe saree with a printed collared blouse. You will look 10 years younger!   

Collared Back Design

13. Knotted back style

It’s a style where the usual fabric used to keep the blouse in place at the back is replaced by either a ‘real’ knot or a knot/ bow design. If this is much-loved Sharmila Tagore style blouse – you will have fabric ends, which should be fastened to get the ‘knot’. Looks very feminine and sensuous, but must be adorned with care. Padded blouses are a must!

Knotted back design

14. High-neck style

If you have a swan neck, or wish to go ultra-retro in your saree, choose a high-neck blouse – with a stand collar, Chinese collar or Victorian high neck. Roll-over pullover style necks may also be designed, if uniqueness is what you crave for. This design may also have a sheer back detail, or may have a back window cut-out. Avoid this style, if you are have a heavy bust or short/ stocky neck.

Image 9 - Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -

15. Buttoned back design

Super popular, extremely practical and versatile, this blouse back is a retro-design that’s suddenly all around now. The trend that’s inspired by crop tops looks great on most women, and can be experimented for various occasions. While brocade cholis and blouses do look great with visible buttons, stretching from high-cut demure neckline to the blouse back hem, a sheer back with buttons is also a good idea.

Buttoned back design

Thinking won’t remember these designs? Here’s a quick summary in an-easy-to-save inforgraphic –

Be beautiful!

15 Evergreen and Trendy Saree Blouse Back Designs -