You have loved borrowing your mum’s sarees all your life. Haven’t’ you? You love how gracefully she drapes her sarees, how elegant is her choice in Indian wear, how pretty she looked in her wedding lehenga, and maybe you have even reinvented, resurrected some of her glorious Indian ensembles, silk sarees and more.

Well, if you are a guy, we are sure you have seen your sister/ s doing all this. And, you too think that your mum has an enchanting taste in sarees – that she looks her poised best in a well-draped, well-chosen saree. Don’t you?
Then, why amidst all the running around for your own wedding did you forget your mum’s saree – for your wedding and related occasions and functions? You have emulated her style or learnt from her all your life – but have you thought what your mum will wear for your wedding sangeet, or what will be her reception saree for your grand wedding reception?

We agree that you have been busy, but not thinking about your mommy dearest is too much of selfishness. To put you on the right track, and help you start thinking in this direction (at least) – here are 12 gorgeous wedding and functions sarees for the mother of the bride (or the groom) – that your mum will love

Sarees for the Mother of the Bride (or the Groom)

1.Rust Orange Banarasi Silk Woven Saree

Elegant and perfectly traditional, this saree will make your graceful mum stand out – as the lady of the house. She can choose to wear this for your Shagun ceremony, or another pre wedding function. In this subtle yet standout brocade saree with just the right dose of embellishments – you can be sure of your mum feeling happy and comfortable. She will remain trendy, yet not so much that she feels out of place.  Plus, the vibrant hue will keep her in an upbeat mood (even when she is feeling down, at the prospect of your (if you are the bride) leaving her home.


Orange And Peach Silk Half And Half Saree With Designer Blouse
This gorgeous pale peach and candy peach-pink half and half saree with timeless embroidery and a smart blouse is what your mother will love to wear for any of your pre-wedding functions or even while visiting your prospective in-laws. She can also wear it to welcome you and your spouse, on the occasion of your first homecoming (after wedding). The flattering saree is light and easy to drape, and will help your mother in her (expectedly) frenzied state during wedding ceremonies. A perfect pick for summer weddings – we say!


Blue And Red Silk Woven Saree With Patola Print
This gorgeous vision in pink and green is a perfect mother-of-the-bride saree. The traditional Patola design, the deep, grounding colors and the timeless design of this lovely, rich silk saree – all make this drape a great buy for your mum. The light embroidery along the borders is a perfect yet subtle touch in this otherwise out and out traditional saree. She can even wear it to your pheras or reception ceremony. And, can even borrow it later from her!


Green Banarasi Silk Saree With Double Blouse
Heavy brocades and Banarasis have always been one of the most sought after wedding and bridal sarees. However, chances are that your mommy may find it a little too heavy – given its half and half design. She may yet have ever experimented with this new saree style. Your wedding, thus, is the perfect opportunity to try out this awesome and elegant trend. This mesmerising silk draoe saree in deep forest or emerald green is so timeless that your mom will not mind such a vivacious play of patterns on the saree body. A numero uno wedding ceremony drape, its styling is not at all garish or overpowering. Plus, it’s not the usual red, maroon or the mum’s favorite onion pink – in this radiant green, she surely will stand out amidst other mums. We recommend it for your mum – for your D Day…


Pink Banarasi Silk Saree With Double Blouse
Is your mom a connoisseur of floral motifs on rich hand woven sarees – or the always awesome handlooms? Well, why not! When else would she get to wear her personal favorites, if not your wedding? Get her this pearl in pink base with vibrant flowers weaving and an embellished border. The vibrant gold zari and pink pallu of the saree, speckled with white, blue and green petals is enchanting enough to be a crowd puller. Elegant as well as youthful – this silk with a designer border running through its length is a perfect sangeet or reception wear for mother of the groom or bride.


Pink And Multi Colored Banarasi Silk Saree
Another one in the line of classic color combinations that have always been loved by the women of class… Beige, maroon and this shade of pink are my mum’s favorites, and I bet they loved by your mommy too. Pick this half saree – that just changes in its weave pattern and not colors (unlike other half and half drapes) for your mother, if she loves styles that are subtle and spell understated, royal elegance. This classy saree with chevron patterned body and Persian motifs on Pallu with statement borders is easy to drape, and has a niche styling (despite being a traditional Banarasi type drape) – so you can be assured that your momma will not be lost in the sea of blingy outfits and dresses – during your wedding. A gorgeous, out-of-this-world pick for the D Day – even if it’s a day time wedding.


Cream Banarasi Silk Saree
Well, what to say for this dreamy creamy traditional saree with purple pink facing and statement, heavily embroidered blouse and cutesy tassels. While the Patola styled Bindi motifs and mirror work in green and pink make this beige gold saree pleasing and endearing, the subtle coloring makes it awesome for every age group. It’s chic for the younger lot and elegant for the aged ones. It’s actually a saree that’s not just perfect for your mum, but also for your classy grandmother. Does your mom-in-law love these neutral hues? We say – it’s a perfect gift that will make you her favorite for the years to come!


Pink Handloom Silk Saree
This one has been a winner – and not without a reason! For starters, it’s a good break away from all the heavy wedding regalia. It’s a cult colour that has been loved by women of all ages – since ages. So, it’s a great gift as well. Since it’s light and stylish, it can be worn for day events and during sultry weather. Its simplicity makes it awesome – if you love your accessories and jewelry. There’s no fancy border here – just the good old Zari – which makes it a favourite of ones who love the old world styling. Your mom, though, can pair it up with a designer, new age blouse, if she would prefer. Although she may age (mentally) years on your wedding (she is worrying a lot – isn’t she?), we assure she will continue to look her youthful best in this Barbie pink Saree.


Mustard Yellow Art Silk Saree With Zari Embroidery
Well, in the sea of greens, reds and maroon Banarasis, handlooms and what not – we are sure mums need a breather – not just in terms of simpler, lighter sarees but also in terms of some color variety. So, we have picked this mustard yellow smooth silk saree with elegant embroidery and little else – which means it’s light and fuss free. Plus, it is in season’s most loved color palette – which is yellows and neutrals. Yes, yes – this sweet yet slightly overlooked hue is the trending colour this wedding season. And, it fits the bill of grace and classiness and passes the test of auspiciousness. It is perfect for rituals and worship ceremonies like mehendi, Ganesh sthapana, pheras or other wedding poojas. Your mum will love it, and so will you!



Pink Bemberg Saree With Embroidery

Your mum is confused as to what should she wear for this glam cocktail or pre-wedding bash you guys have organized. Here is this super stunning, ethereal Lucknowi Chikankari saree in most endearing baby pink. Definitely a youthful, chic choice, but given the subtle styling – it is a saree that will be toast of the evening and adored by your mommy dearest. We especially recommend this saree!



Cream Silk Multi Colored Jaal Woven Saree With Golden Pallu

Who says your mum has to dress up in subtle, mature colors for your wedding? Well, she too can be a ‘girl’ on her lovely girl’s (or boy’s) wedding, and choose to wear this stunning candy pink and forest green creation with rich borders and textures. The classic Kanjeevaram style will add the requisite charm and grace, while the vibrant colors will make your mommy glow. A lovely pick for any of the wedding functions for your mom or mother in law.

12.Paris Green Silk Saree

Tired of all the heavy, intricately woven drapes? Is it? Quite possibly, your mum too may feel that as she browses through the usual choices offered for Indian weddings and functions. So, let’s take a break from all such drapes and offer her this really stylish and trendy plain saree. Easy to drape, with a thin border and a smashing blouse, this is one pick she will find handy, when looking stylish is important but she doesn’t have the time and patience for a heavy Indian saree. Also a relaxed drape, this is excellent for moms who cannot wear heavy layers of fabrics due to health or weather reasons.

We don’t say that this is a comprehensive list, but this one surely will motivate you to go looking for lovely ensembles, sarees as well as salwar suits for your mom, so she looks as radiant and resplendent on your wedding and during all functions, as you would want her to.