The glorious autumn is already knocking at our doors. It’s officially our annual festive season! And, close on the heels of the festival time has arrived our colorful, multi-hued wedding season. India’s weddings are famous the world over for their lovely customs and grand celebrations. The beautiful and intricate ensembles form an integral part of our weddings.

And, Indian weddings are incomplete without sarees – the most important Indian ensemble worn on all important and celebratory occasions. Although many trendy brides prefer wearing different ensembles, lehenga choli or Indo Western outfits, saree is still a non-negotiable, wedding attire in most traditional communities.

From Panetar and Gharchola to Bandhanis, Banarasis and Kanjeevarams, there are many traditional wedding sarees that have many legends and rituals attached to them. And, even when the bride wears a bridal lehenga choli for her marriage,designer wedding sarees are flaunted by her tribe – her closest family members, her bridesmaids, friends and even the other female guests at the functions.

There is so much variety in this range that getting confused is quite likely. In our wedding saree collection, you will find an enviable range of sarees in various fabrics, embelishments, styles and colors. But, our most important tip this season is – go for the traditional, handloom varieties, as they are suddenly the flavor of the moment!

Here, we present you a list of 100% traditional and handmade wedding sarees that are integrally linked to Indian weddings. Choose them to wear on a close friend’s or cousin’s wedding, or wear it for an important function on your wedding –

1. Don a Panetar…

– The rich, very symbolic Panetar is a classic wedding saree from the state of Gujarat. It is always made in combination of red color palette with white/ cream. Considered holy and auspicious, this saree type is heavily embellished and is often made to order with custom ostentation that includes Bandhani designs, hand embroidery and more.
Choose from our amazing range –

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2. Go for Gharchola!

This ethereally beautiful saree is traditionally gifted by the groom’s family (mother) to the bride. However, that shouldn’t stop you from sporting a classy Gharchola for your cousin’s wedding. This saree is made in the rich hues of red palette and green palette. It has a characteristic grid or chequered patten, and is decorated with embroidery motifs and Bandhani. You can pair this saree with stylish, trendy blouse in golden or copper to give it a modern twist.

Gharchola - 4 -

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3. Sensuous in Silks…

Silk sarees of all varieties are a hot favorite for weddings and festivals. Besides looking graceful and rich, they drape well and go well with the Indian weather conditions. Thanks to their recent revival, they are now being draped by fashionistas as much as they are loved by the elder set. And, this is one category, where you will have no dearth of choices. Choose a lovely Mysore silk, or go the traditional route in grand Banarasis and Kancheepuram sarees. Take your pick!

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