If looks could kill, then Indian backless cholis would have been on the hit-list of the Gardaí around the world!

Well, jokes apart, the bare-back blouse, we all have come to love, is one super style must-have that’s non-negotiable in our festive wardrobes.

A toned, clear, smooth back is one accessory that can add immediate oomph to your style, glamming up your appeal with just a little touch. Thus, barebacks will never go out of style, and neither would our beloved backless cholis. They may transform themselves, as per the changing fashion trends, we would never be ready to dispense them off ever.

As expected, this festive and wedding season too, bare-back cholis with Navratri Chaniya Cholis, festive lehengas, traditional sarees, and wedding lehenga cholis are quite a rage. Here are some styles that we are especially lusting after –

Backless Choli Designs

1. The Sheer Back

The Sheer Back Blouse Design

This peekaboo bare-back style is neither all bare nor all covered. It’s actually a very smart trend for those who wish to flaunt their backs, without revealing too much. How? Get a backless blouse, but instead of leaving the area without fabric, have a sheer, see-through fabric like a piece of net, tissue, or organza attached there. Add-ons like decorative buttons, ribbons, sequins, and bows can uplift that sheer patch further.

2. The V-Back

The V Back Blouse Design

This one goes well with all types of figures! It can be a straight V that is held at the bottom with a ribbon or bow. You can also go with an inverted V – that has a button on top and the wider end at the hemline of the blouse.

A modish way of hiding back flab, the V-back is a boon for women who are conscious of their love handles. Inverted Vs are excellent for ones who want a snug neckline but still wish to bare their backs.

3. The Classic round, U or sweetheart shape

The Classic U Shape Back Blouse Design

Classy and eternally stylish, this feminine backline trend will always be in vogue. The deeply curved back can be accentuated with decorative strings, strips, and trinkets.

This design suits most of the body types, even full-busted or voluptuous as well as petite women. Just ensure your shoulders are not hunched or droopy. Some regular stretching exercises will give you just the right posture!

4. Gujarati blouse – only strings

Gujarati Stringed Back Blouse Design

Extremely sensuous yet graceful, the string-held blouse goes perfectly well with not just sarees and lehengas but also with fusion-wear like Bohemian skirts and dhoti pants. Actress Deepika Padukone’s backless cholis sported in the movie Ram Leela struck a chord with Indians worldwide. Currently the trendiest detail for the Garba nights of Navratri, these blouses have almost no fabric at the back. The choli is held on the backside with a few strings. Such blouses are usually padded, taking care of your lingerie requirements. 

The Gujarati style backless blouse is for the bold- the daring ones. But well, going for a back polishing session before attempting this bare-it-all style is definitely a protocol!

5. Back Window Style

Window Style Back Blouse Design

These blouses are also quite in vogue. Very fashion-forward, these chic blouses offer the comfort of snug and stylish necklines that don’t fall off, along with the awesome bare-back feel. The bare-back window can be made in any shape, round, oval, or even a big diamond. This modest design gets a thumbs-up even for a bridal lehenga choli or a bridal saree blouse.

6. The Cross-back

Cross Back Blouse Design

As the name suggests, this back-style has strings in crossed fashion- like an X, which holds the blouse in place, thus rendering a great fit. The cross-back looks charming and sensuous, especially on designer blouses worn with plain flowing sarees. There may be a single cross of strings, or multiple ones, giving a very raw, mesmerizing look.

7. The Halter-neck

The Halter Neck Back Blouse Design

This eternal favorite back-style is perfect for women who want to flaunt their shoulders, along with their lovely backs. Snug at the neck, it leaves the shoulder area and upper back bare and looks very youthful and chic.

You can emulate Kriti Sanon’s sequinned halter-neck blouse style for a wedding reception look.

We’ve thus compiled the major types of backless blouses. Which ones would you pick?