Last week, I attended a wedding. As usual, I suffered from the dilemma of ‘what to wear’. Such a nuisance! Many of us are always short of dressing options – even when our closets are literally bursting with outfits of all types. Well, that’s an unending matter. More on it in another blog! Here – we have some very important lessons and design tips for you – so you play the Saree Blouse Designs and Lehenga Blouse Design game perfectly in 2019 – and beyond –

For now – let’s come back to the scenario – where I scoured possible options to wear to this not-so-close friend’s wedding. What did I do? After some futile fumbling, I picked out an olive green crepe saree with thinnest zardosi embroidery on borders – and a plain, no-bling pallu. It looked too simple for a wedding, remarked my husband. ‘Wait’ – I smiled, and showed him the complementing designer blouse. It was gorgeous! This one was in emerald green with multi-colored, embroidered net sleeves and a cut-out window back design. Cutting the long story short – the combination was a hit and I received hoards of compliments. That is the power of a stylish blouse!! Pair it well, pair it right. Match, mix or contrast with lehengas, skirts, sarees or palazzos and pants – and voila – you have hit the right style notes. So, going ahead – let’s look at a few stunning blouse patterns that are designated to rule in the year 2019 –

  1. Cut Out/ Window Back Designs

Green Silk Saree with Back Window Blouse Design

They were hot last season and are deemed to get hotter now. Why? Because this peekaboo style is a classic that is a perfect tease – with a promise of more *wink wink*. Go brazen and innovative and choose unique shapes and bigger, more visible cut-outs – or maybe some cute slits – and nothing else. What would be different in 2019, though? The slits and cut out also come to the front bodice – along shoulders or collarbones – instead just being at the back.
For now, though, take cues from this big, rhomboid – or is it hexagonal – window that is every bit a sensuous statement. Show off that scrubbed and polished back lady! And, if that’s not what you want – for whatever reason, get your designer/ tailor to cover the cut-out/ window with a sheer fabric/ net detail. Looks classy!

  1. Longer Blouses

Black Satin Net Lehenga Choli with Long Blouse

Blouses need not be the usual cholis – where you are bound to show off your slender (or not-so-slender) waists – even when the temperatures are hitting an all-time low – or when the convention requires you to be formal. Personally, I love longer blouses – like the one shown here – for their regal, old-world vibe and the ease of wearing. And, are they Godsend in cold wintery weddings – or when you are nursing a not so toned midriff! Invest in majestic Angarakha designs, classy Rajput waist-length cholis or the more Indo-Western in appeal – crop tops – or better still, the one like a short kurti albeit more structured a la Jodhpuri. They are great with lehengas, as well as Sarees. Just alter your drape a bit or wear the graceful Gujarati seedha pallu with a choli like this one.

  1. Jacket Styles 


Blue Silk Saree with Jacket Style Blouse Design

Freshest and newest in the market, the layered saree blousons or ones that look as if you are wearing a jacket are a rage – for no mean reason. They can be classy and Queen-like – the one we have on display – or really modish with frilly layers or pleated effects, ruffles et al. Or the jacket can be a separate actually – longer ones are awesome for adding some drama. They can give a new edge to the same old blouse – just by existing. You can do the flap details on short, regular blouses or the longer, ‘different’ ones – in different textures, colors or fabrics. Add details like embroidery, laces or borders – for extra oomph. Take clues and add layers with apron-like flaps – or with jacket edges – a shown – or cover-ups in variety of lengths.

  1. Stringed Backs


Pink Silk Lehenga Choli with Back String Blouse Design

Another classic – this one gets more risqué in 2019! From tie-up strings to modest bare backs, the trend takes a sharp turn towards Rabari-inspired backless stringed designs. Can’t go all backless yet still willing to show off that toned torso? Take hint from the design we have brought forth – the neck is cut modestly, and doesn’t give a clue of the gorgeousness that lies beyond. The inverted U or V is scintillatingly sensuous and is held apiece by a sturdy string at the blouse base. Oh My My – something’s sizzling – or should we say someone!

  1. Cover me Up

Peach Net Designer Lehenga Choli with Poncho JacketTalking of cover-ups – how can we forget the hottest trend – we predict to be trending in 2019. Ponchos, capes, floor-length jackets, Nehru jackets, Chinese collared, waist-length cover-ups – the extra layer may be brought in – any which way. This is not only a great way to add a new dimension to your outfit, but it also looks more youthful and chic. Not to forget – this takes away the need for dupatta in lehenga cholis. Quite handy during winter months too (the time when most weddings take place in India) and in generally colder climes, the cover-ups also give additional coverage, when you wish to hide that little bulge!

  1. Sleeve Matters

Prachi Desai Rani Pink Satin Silk Plain Saree With Designer BlouseIf you have gone past 2018, without noticing the maddening sleeve varieties – then – either you are immune to fashion (WOW!) or have been in a bubble of your own. Sleeves literally owned the last few seasons – and best of the guesses say that they will continue to do so in the coming months and seasons. From medieval bells to ruffles, cold shoulders and off shoulders to mutton sleeves and bouffants – there is no limit to what you can do with this largely taken for granted detail. Go girly for a glam look – yes that’s possible – for some inspiration look at this fairy tale dress inspired blouse with 2 layered sleeves.

  1. Covered Elegance

Beige Banarasi Silk Saree With Embroidered BlouseIf we are willing to go risqué and daring, we are also ready to toe the traditional line – provided the style looks absolutely smashing. In 2019 and in the years to come – the fashion and style get super flexible that way – wildly swinging between choices that are poles apart. So, right from the off-shoulder brazenness – we come to the coy grace of high-necklines, Chinese collars and close-cut backs with heavy embroidery – a la mommy style. Truly queen-like, in their old-world charm – embroidered or covered back designs can be done in numerous ways. For starters, take hint from our regal blouse in a neutral base with colorful embroidery.

  1. Peplums and more


Golden Silk Lehenga Choli with Peplum Blouse Design

For the ones interested in waist-length designs, peplums and little-cute frock-style frills are a boon. They look girly and are a great contrast to the staid elegance of a saree. What’s more – they add so much culture to your outfit – thanks to their association to folk, regional costumes. Pair such a top with a wedding lehenga – and we assure you that you will receive compliments on your styling. Opt for a sheer, net peplum, starting at empire-waist or in a relatively thicker fabric – or the one with a drop waist – as shown – this is super flattering. Be careful about the gathered look, though, specifically if you don’t wish to add inches at the waist!

  1. Sheer Details

Mustard Cotton Silk Saree With Designer BlouseNet, gossamer, tissue or any transparent fabric – when put on in a design, such that it gives a peekaboo look of the skin underneath – appears super seductive. The coquettish charm of these see-through, sheer fabrics is unmatched – and so you can see in the lovely, creative blouse with net covering along the back and front neckline. Go imaginative, and get these sensuous details in your saree blouses or even salwar suits tunics – on neck, sleeves, back and shoulders. We love!

  1. Cold, Hot, Smokin’

Red Taffeta Silk Lehenga Choli With Cold Shoulder BlouseTo repeat the point I made earlier – sleeves and shoulders are the toast in design and fashion industry – and will be in 2019. If you are a fash lover, well, there’s little you can do to avoid the cold shoulder trend. It’s undeniable – to say the least! Show off those tones shoulders – and get the eyeballs dancing – at every wedding, party or function. Choose plain, embroidery free styles to keep this as the centre piece – if you do not wish to go overboard.

Hope you get enough inspiration for wonderful Blouse Designs, Sleeve Designs and Saree Blouse Back Designs for the year 2019 – and beyond. Below is a quick and easy to save infographic – you can use for a quick reference to these awe-inspiring ethnic trends.


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