We often say that Sarees have an unmatched beauty and appeal – something that singularly differentiates it from any other outfit.

Then, a thought hits – a Saree may be printed, woven or left plain – but still – it is a flat fabric. Yet, once it is draped – we can’t help but marvel at the splendid gorgeousness of this ensemble!

What is so special about this untailored, approximately six yards of length of fabric?

It is the Saree’s sheer ability to take on the form and character of the wearer!

Without a fixed shape of its own, the fluid Saree embodies and contains the distinctive form of the one wearing it. It’s unique and magnificent on every wearer. It may come in stunning designs and hues – but it is not an outfit till a woman embraces it, giving it a shape, a character – of her own.

Saree celebrates your form and body – YOU make the Saree beautiful! This, oft forgotten truth, propelled us – at Saree.com – to start our coveted Project ReWO – Sarees for the Real Women!

Falguni Vasavada for Saree.com Project ReWo - 1

The gorgeousness of this classic six yards is not privy to only the fashionable and glamorous. Saree is for every one!

Unique characteristics of real women blend with Saree’s formless fluidity to create a novel garment. That’s precisely why the same Saree looks different on different wearers.

Saris are like women – they keep evolving, and possess a unique beauty at every stage. As versatile as a woman, Sari seamlessly adapts and progresses with changing forms and roles. The creases, the folds, the pleats, drape – all are new, each time a Sari is worn.

Dr. Falguni Vasavada for Saree.com Project ReWo - 2

It is like a paint canvas that’s incomplete without a subject – a painting that lacks profundity without the depth of emotions and form. Saree is poetry – where words are textural and design qualities, while wearer brings in the rhythm!

As a part of the Project ReWo – we commit to establish this thought – by bringing gorgeous real women to the forefront of this splendid world.

Dr. Falguni for Project ReWo - 2.1

The Beginning

To begin this close-to-heart project, we chose a very special Saree – matching it with a woman who befits its grandeur and effortless charm – every which way.

Falguni for Project ReWo - 3

The Saree – Our best-selling handloom silk saree, prized for its distinctive, timeless design, great quality and amazing elegance – that was originally showcased, worn by a svelte, stunning model. Given its ability to fit a multitude of occasions, re-stocked repeatedly on popular demand, the Saree has won consistently won hearts and eyeballs. For ReWO, our initiative was centered at showing – how the same Sari assumes an entirely different personality on these two distinctively differing ladies.

Falguni Vasavada - Real Women in Sarees - 4

Our ReWo Model – A charismatic, multi-dexterous professor, Dr. Falguni Vasavad Oza – who balances her myriad roles with enchanting grace and contagious cheer – finding ways to incorporate Saris in her frenetic schedules in a million ways. Inimitable in her style and poise, this inspiring teacher is also an avid body positivity champion, a fashion enthusiast and a blogger.

Real Women in Sarees - Project ReWo by Saree.com - 5

Her zeal, excitement and efforts have motivated us to take this small step in the direction of instilling self-confidence and self-love – in millions of women!

Proffessor Falguni in Handloom Saree by Saree.com - 8

The Photo Shoot – The preps on the shoot day began at 4:00 am, as the crew wanted to capture the glorious morning light. With light make-up, a simple hairdo and an absolutely natural drape, our lovely ReWo model started the shoot at 6:00 am!

Dr. Falguni Vasavada - Real Women in Sarees - 7

To capture the essence of the life of a multi-faceted woman – in a bustling city like Ahmedabad – the shots were captured at the emotional heart-spots of our lovely city.

From the by-lanes of the old city in Rani no Hajiro to its iconic bridges and darwazas at Lal Darwaza and Ellisbridge…

Sarees of India - Photo Shoot in Ahmedabad - 9

– and at one of its ancient hubs of religious dedication – the shoot carried our super accommodating ReWo Star Dr. Falguni, Asopalav/Saree.com’s team and the agency Vogue India’s creative professionals, through a good part of the city.

Blue Handloom Saree by saree.com - 10

And, the results – well, they are for you to see – and believe. To our immense happiness, our shining ReWo star, Dr. Vasavada scintillated, giving an entirely new feel to the Saree we painstakingly had chosen for her.

Proffessor Falguni in Handloom Saree by Saree.com - 8

Needless to say, her magnetic charm gave a new dimension to the shoot – as she managed to look even more attractive than the original model shoot. Don’t believe us? Here – have a look at both of them – https://www.saree.com/psaaw38988

We are enchanted! What about you?

This photo shoot was first of the series on Real Women in Our Sarees. As a part of the Project ReWo – Sarees for Every Real Woman – we will showcase an inspiring, elegant lady every month.

Photo Courtesy – Mittal Shah