Cheers to student life! Those golden days may be soon coming to an end but stepping out of your Alma Mater marks your journey to a bright future and so this beautiful end calls for an amazing celebration! The last day of school or college is indeed a very special occasion that leaves you with mixed emotions. Farewell parties and convocation ceremonies are those few last hours for you as a part of an organization. “Friends forever”, “We’ll stay in touch”- with promises given out loud, students take in the vibe of every passing moment that takes them closer to the next phase of their life.

Black and Silver Lycra Saree with Designer Blouse

Look your best while bidding adieu

School or College Farewell parties in India as no less than a festival- with music, dance performances, games and a plethora of activities happening. Amidst all the goodbyes, there’s class gossip- mimicking teachers- confessions and the most important task- clicking pictures- there’s so much of merriment happening around and that one rule which you must unfailing adhere to is- look your best!

Black Silk Saree with Designer Blouse

Wearing a saree for the farewell party

The farewell party organized by the institute is usually a formal event and has the presence of all the staff members as well. Girls generally prefer wearing sarees for the occasion mainly for two reasons- to follow a formal dress code and to get into a big girl’s shoes! Yes- wearing a saree makes one feel older, mature and independent- traits that spark enthusiasm among young girls who are ready to take the next big step of their life.

Which type of sarees should be worn for a farewell party?

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Pretty girls- teenagers and young women managing to strut confidently in sarees- giggling at the effort of draping and carrying such an elaborate outfit- these little moments of joy last a lifetime as memories to cherish. For most of the girls, the farewell function gives them their first experience of wearing a sari and to avoid any chaos you must choose your saree wisely! You can follow these guidelines while finalizing your farewell party look-

  • Avoid heavy materials

Pink Georgette Saree with Designer Blouse

Thick weaves like Banarasi and Kanchipuram silk will only weigh you down. You’re young and beautiful- meant for fabrics that flatter- georgette, chiffon, shimmer, net- pick materials that are light in weight and easy to walk around in. Such easy-to-carry saris will also aid showing off your best dance moves! If you’re not too comfortable with the art of draping, then get a ready-to-wear or pre-stitched saree.

  • Ornamentation and moderation

Pink Silk Saree with Zari Weaving

It’s a farewell party, not a wedding! Go easy with the details, especially embroidery and 3D embellishments. Plain or Printed sarees are best for such occasions- they look dressy and keep the weight of the outfit in check.

Blue Georgette Saree with Designer Blouse

A georgette saree with appliques, a plain chiffon sari with lace border, a translucent net sari worn with a designer blouse- options are plenty! You can also go for in-vogue trends to keep your look contemporary yet rich. Invest in a designer blouse and team up with a plain elegant drape or get a saree with tassels, trims, crystal/chandelier trimmings or 3 D flower embellishments for a girly look.

  • Dressy yet not gaudy

Orange Ombre Designer Silk Saree with Zari Embroidery

It’s the last official meeting with your school/college batch; don’t give them a chance to make fun of you! No matter how enthusiastic you may feel about getting ready for the party and being noticed by all, avoid going overboard with your attire. Be colourful- make a statement- yet- keep it simple, elegant and classy!

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Formal sarees for the convocation ceremony

Mustard Yellow Banarasi Silk Patola Print Woven Saree

The glorious moment- receiving a degree and scaling up the academic ladder is a moment of pride- a reward for all those sleepless exam days and meticulously completed assignments. As you step on to the stage amidst a fascinated audience of staff, students and their family members- you have the opportunity of putting forth the best presentation of yourself- and it all begins with wearing the right outfit. Being an Indian woman- a saree is undoubtedly the most impactful ensemble to sport during such a significant moment and given the occasion- it’s best to keep your look formal and dignified.

Golden Silk Saree with Resham Embroidery

For the convocation ceremony, choose saris that make you look grounded- neutral and earthy hues count in here. Soft tones of maroon, brown rust orange, cream, taupe and even pastels- play a little low on colours, you need not look bland but be subtle and graceful.

Blue Georgette Saree with Floral Print

Since it is a formal event, your saree pallu should be neatly pleated and pinned over the shoulder so pick fabrics that are crispy and easily foldable like cotton, cotton silk, art silk, linen and khadi. Do not opt for crowded details- bold prints, too many colours, heavy embroidery- keep these at bay- it is a convocation ceremony- so look professional!

Deep Purple Silk Saree with Zari Embroidery

Above all, whatever you choose, wear it with confidence. Feel beautiful as you grace these occasions-live in the moment and make the most of your amazing life as a student!

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