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340 Results

Long Kurtis - Comfy and Stylish Indian Tunics with an unmatched charm

Straight, flared, bias-cut, flowy, or fitted - calf, knee or floor length, skimming or flouncy, designer, traditional or Pakistani - the awesome silhouette of long kurti or the Indian tunic, also known, as Kameez - is simply unrivaled - when it comes to style, versatility and variety. Long Kurtis are quite trendy these days - they can be paired with many bottom types and suit almost all body frames. Since they have an elegant appeal, they are considered semi formal - and are a part of the accepted dress code at most work-places. The dressy ones - with embroidery, in Anarkali styles and with other embellishments and colorful add-ons - are great for party wear and wedding wear too. There are long kurtis for girls, for working professionals, for home makers and for women of all ages.

How the Kurta became the New Age Kurti?

Actually a derivative of the good old Salwar Kameez - the top wear of the popular ethnic wear set or Punjabi dress - Kurti, also called as Kurta, used to be quite simple earlier. Printed or plain, made in simple necklines or with collars, these were paired with loose bottoms, worn usually among North Indian and Pakistani women and girls. In fact, the longer kameez variant, which could be paired with any bottom separate - was called as Kurta - while its shorter variant was known as Kurti - a feminine nomenclature for what was largely a menswear garment. However, in the present times, Kurtis have undergone a massive fashion evolution. The ladies long kurta has become the now much-in-demand and trendy long kurti. In fact, today they have grown to incorporate their western counterparts of dresses and gowns - especially the long kurtis - and are no less than a complete outfit segment in themselves.

Endless Variety in Kurti Types

The Days of Yore - There was a time when women and girls had to scamper to their neighbourhood tailors to get these tunics tailored. Together they looked at models and Bollywood actresses for design inspirations. Designs in Long Kurta and Kurtis were far and few - mostly copied from designer wear worn by films and ladies of high society. This was also the time when straight cut, knee length, super tight kurtis were in vogue. Almost every stylish lady worth her weight in salt could be see flaunting these, paired with fitted churidaars or shararas and a flimsy dupatta.

Modern Times - Zoom to the present day, and Kurti Designs are raining cats and dogs. There is no dearth in terms of inspiration and designing - and the fashion quotient of these long kurtas is touching the skies. From retail brands to Online shopping options, there are so many places from where these stylish long tunics can be bought. At Saree.com, you can access an endless variety of Long Kurta Designs in every color fathomable and latest trends. Shop long kurtis online from saree.com to get the newest and trendiest styles in all kinds of fabrics and prints.

Types of Long Kurtis

Gown Style Long Kurtis and Long Ethnic Dresses - Getting very popular these days, these new long kurti dresses are a perfect fusion of Indian and Western design elements. They are usually maxi or calf length and are a mix of Anarkali silhouette and the popular western flowy dresses. These are usually worn without a bottom wear separate or maybe paired with a snug pair of leggings.

Anarkali Kurtis - The most loved long Kurti style for women continues to be the flared, frock like silhouette that may be made bias cut, with panels or gathered at the waist or empire line (with yoke). These are casual as well as dressy - and make for comfortable all day wear as well as work wear. They may be made in simple cotton or Georgette with floral or other digital prints or maybe very heavy, embellished with embroidery and other ostentation. Designer party wear long kurtis in Anarkali designs are good wear for parties, weddings and events. They are usually made in grand fabrics like silk, organza, brocade, Banarasi weave, cotton-silk, chiffon etc.

Straight-Cut Long Kurtis - are made in a variety of lengths. The trend may keep changing, when it comes to long straight kurtis but these are one of the evergreen and always classy styles. These long top kurtis are quite flattering and slimming and are usually crafted with side slits. Pakistani long kurtis are also quite similar to these. Ankle length straight cut kurtis, though difficult to style and carry well unless you have a great figure, are quite in vogue these days. You can, however, wear them with big slits in center as well as on both the sides - which makes them easier to carry and more comfortable.

Popular Colours and Fabrics in Long Kurtis

While black and beige continue to rule the favourite charts in Kurtis - most other hues are also quite popular. The Black Long Kurti is an eternal favourite, though. It is flattering and stylish and can be clubbed with a variety of bottoms as well as dupattas. White long anarkali kurtis are also another much loved type and so are pastel and light shades which are great for Indian summers. Considering the hot weather in tropics, cotton long kurti is one attire that is found in every Indian woman or girl's closet. While the printed and cotton kurtis are great for everyday and work wear, the ones crafted in silk and other luxe fabrics like velvet and Chanderi are worn for special occasions.

Online Shopping of Long Kurtis of All Types

Well, you may have any type of stylish long tunic or Indian kurta in mind - you can be sure of finding something really close on saree.com. We host a vast variety of long kurtis patterns and designs - perfect for numerous occasions and preferences. Available at great prices and continually updated collections, these can be shipped worldwide.