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Latest Bridal Lehenga Choli with Price

Bridal Lehenga Choli is integral to Indian marriage. The ornate skirt-like outfit worn by most Indian brides for their big day ceremony is known as the Bridal Lehenga. Paired with a traditional blouse, the Indian version of an embroidered or dressy fitted crop-top or waist length choli and a dupatta or long stole – the ensemble is also known as Bridal lehenga choli.

Bridal lehenga choli, this Indian ethnic outfit is loved and most preferred by today’s brides for the traditional yet modern look it exudes. At, you will get a lovely range of trendy and chic bridal ensembles, dresses and Bridal lehenga cholis for your D Day as well as many of the pre- marriage functions. So, if you are soon going to be a bride, is the best online destination for all your ethnic wear shopping requirements.

The Indian Lehenga Choli is one of the most popular ethnic costumes in the world. The Indian Bridal Lehenga or the lehenga itself was actually a folk costume, which thanks to its gorgeous skirt-like silhouette and flare became hugely popular. The stylish bridal lehenga and all other sorts of lehenga cholis find favour with almost all women – even in cultures and countries, other than India.

The Indian Lehenga has an integral association with brides. Be it the bride herself or her close relatives, friends and bridesmaids, ornate Bridal lehenga cholis are worn for such special occasions, pre- marriage functions, rituals and important ceremonies. While Bridal lehengas are designed and made exclusively with the bride in mind, the Bridal Lehenga is a broader term that refers to heavy, embellished or fancy lehengas that may be worn by either the bride for other Big day functions or the other important female guests at the celebrations.

Till a few decades ago, only a few people considered Lehenga Choli as one of the options for a bridal ensemble, as Sarees and other folk costumes (as per the area) have traditionally been the bridal outfits. However, now the scenario is entirely opposite. Almost everyone Celebrates with lovely, designer Bridal Lehenga Cholis. Banarasi Sarees, Panetar and Gharchola Sarees, Gadwal and Paithani Sarees – all cultural bridal sarees – are fast being replaced by latest bridal lehenga variations. For example, a bride from Northern India now prefers wearing a Banarasi brocade lehenga, instead of a brocade saree. Similarly, a Gujarati bride now chooses a new pattern of bridal lehenga in cultural colors of red and white, instead of her red and white bridal Panetar saree!

Even if the bride decides to wear something different for the main ceremony, Bridal Lehenga Choli does feature in some way during the marriage celebrations. If a chic bride decides on wearing an Indo-Western ensemble, a beautiful Indian gown for her big day, she will surely pick a new fashion bridal Lehenga Choli for her reception, or any other sub-event . Apart from wearing a lehenga choli on a Celebration day, bride can choose a fluffy and light-weight net lehenga choli for her pre - wedding photo shoot or other rituals and functions. Many brides also wear grand lehenga cholis or gown-style Indo-Western lehengas for their reception.

Well, that’s the unmatched popularity of Lehenga Choli! That’s precisely why, ensuring that brides get the best in terms of choices and prices in Bridal Lehenga Choli collection, houses a vast variety of new trends in bridal lehenga ensembles and tonnes of bridal lehenga choli designs. These lovely outfits are class apart and high quality to ensure that you stand out on your special day.

Indian Lehenga Choli for Dulhan

As aforementioned, the beautiful Indian ensemble Lehenga Choli finds high preference with all Indian women. This is also a style that is catching up fast internationally. Many women in other countries, who wish to experiment in their dressing on their marriage and special occasions, choose various types of new fashion bridal lehenga cholis like very popular Floral Lehenga Choli, traditional Chaniya Choli for Navratris and festivals, modern Fish-cut Lehenga Cholis and many more. People abroad also fall in love with the amazing, ardent craftsmanship and vibrant color palette of Indian outfits, especially the heavily embroidered bridal lehenga choli dupatta, as they are seldom found elsewhere in any other ethnic clothing wear.

For ones living away from their motherland, ability to buy bridal outfits online is a boon. The display of bridal lehenga with price ensures that you can choose, select and shortlist as per your budgets and preferences. Plus, bridal lehenga choli online shopping saves one of so much hassle. One - you have access to endless bridal lehenga choli designs, allowing you to browse without much effort and fear of pushy salesmen to choose the best bridal lehenga for your liking. Two – you don’t have to waste time and effort, souring markets and shops, as you can browse for the latest bridal lehenga choli collection and endless bridal lehenga choli designs from the comfort of your space – as per your convenient time.

What is a Lehenga?

Lehenga is a long, dressy skirt that is often paneled (kallidaar) or bias-cut (umbrella-style) and is floor-length. It may also be made gathered or pleated, or at times, fish-cut/ mermaid style or in sharara style (tapered and fitted till mid-thigh, and then flared). Lehengas have heavy linings. Often cancan/ stiff wiry material is also attached on dressier lehengas, so they resemble Barbie-like silhouettes. This is especially true for new fashion bridal lehenga, as the popular, new pattern of bridal lehenga is slightly like a western ball-gown – to ensure that Indian bride follows her Indian sensibilities, but also enjoys the modern twists and fashions.

Lehengas are embroidered and embellished beautifully. The hems/ borders of designer lehengas and bridal lehengas generally resemble elaborate pieces of art. Embroidery done on lehenga may be assembly line i.e. machine done, or it may be crafted by hand – in a real labor of love.

What is a Choli

Choli is the Indian name for a crop top like a blouse that fits the contours of a woman perfectly. It is generally paired with sarees and lehengas and can be made in tonnes of styles and designs. Cholis with Lehengas are quite dressy and have embroidered sleeves, necklines, and even bodies. These are generally stitched as per a person’s body measurements, as Cholis are sensuous form-fitting garments.

What is a Dupatta/ Odhani?

This forms the very integral third element of Lehenga Choli ensemble. The fluid piece of fabric, generally 2.5 to 3 metres in length, decorated with elaborate borders and laces on all sides is called as a dupatta or odhani. This is used to drape on the bodice, and is also draped around the waist, like a saree. There are many draping styles in which a dupatta may be draped.

What is a Bridal Lehenga?

We all know and understand how important a bridal dress is! World over, this trend is popular, where women go an extra mile to ensure they look the best on their D Day. Most women are ready to go a step beyond their usual for their weddings. They don’t mind spending extra for their Bridal ensemble. There are tonnes of choosing, trying and fitting sessions and budgets are over-stepped frequently. Indian women are no different! And, why should they be? They too wish to ensure that their classy bridal outfits are glistening, scintillating pieces that will help them be the cynosure of all eyes.

They may have heavy or classy embellishments, all done with careful hand work. The fabrics chosen for these intricate pieces are special and pure, so they stay glistening for a long time. These ornate dresses are also decorated in many other unique ways – with handmade latkans (lehenga cords), choli latkans, matching footwear and clutch bag etc.

There also are any choli and dupatta variations done. For example, people are very much into longer jacket-style tops, which have a royal appeal. These Nawabi silhouettes are ornately embellished and are paired with flowy lehengas. Some bridal lehenga cholis come with two dupattas, one of which is draped in a usual fashion, while the other is used to cover the bride’s head.

Traditional Bridal Lehenga Cholis

In India, many regional sarees and traditions are associated with weddings. So, sometimes families insist that the bride stay true to her culture, and wear heirloom or traditional pieces for her wedding. However, many modern girls do not want to go with sarees or heavy, traditional choices. So, they opt for getting their Bridal Lehenga Choli in a traditional pattern. For example, Panetar Saree is Gujarat’s typical wedding ensemble. However, more and more girls are choosing to wear Panetar inspired white, red and gold bridal lehenga cholis, instead of sarees. Same goes for Kanjeevaram inspired lehengas, Banarasi brocade lehengas and Gharchola. Bandhani lehengas.

Designer Bridal Lehenga Cholis

With the designer revolution in India came the surge of designer sarees and designer lehenga cholis. These carefully crafted pieces are often on-off pieces &ndash, and are always unique and truly spectacular. Designer outfits come with a promise of uniqueness and high quality. They are bespoke ensembles and are often made-to-order. They offer unique fitting and shopping facilities, where a bride may be guided by designers and stylists, so her dress is suited to her in every way, be it her complexion, height, body type, the time of her wedding rituals and even her groom’s wedding outfit.