Brocade Salwar Suits

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Brocade Salwar Suits

Brocade is a richly decorated fabric, having colourful threads woven with golden and silver threads. The fabrics and threads and interwoven in such a way that the resulting cloth has an embossed appearance. The intricate weaving gives it a self-printed or embroidered look. Brocade is mostly woven with silk on a special draw loom that creates beautiful patterns of flowers, animals, geometrical designs and even scenery. It can also be weaved on a modern jacquard loom. However, these days brocade is also weaved using silk blend fabrics that is far less priced as compared pure brocade. Due to the luxurious appeal of this cloth it is widely used in making garments, accessories, upholstery, drapes and decorative objects. It has also been associated with royalty, being commonly used in the past by kings and their families all over the world. In India, high-end designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi widely use brocade in their collections while style icons like Rekha, Aishwarya Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Shilpa Shetty are often seen wearing brocade outfits for occasions.

The sheer look of brocade makes it a widely used fabric for party-wear and wedding-wear salwar suits. Also, suits made with georgette, silk, net, and velvet are commonly bordered with brocade stripes. The sheer woven fabric that is readily available in the market at reasonable rates is made with silk blends or with other fabrics other than silk, but the look is still quite appealing. The jacquard loom that is used to weave brocade can create endless vivid patterns on the fabric that add captivating beauty to brocade outfits.

Styling brocade salwar suits is relatively easy. Such suits should be teamed with shimmery accessories that reflect the luster of golden and silver threads used in weaving patterns. Though brocade is a very beautiful fabric, it is sometimes not preferred by women having sensitive skin. The ornate threads, when weaved into the fabric, are usually left loose on the back-side of the cloth which can cause skin irritation. Such ladies can opt for garments having brocade patch work or motifs stitched above a softer fabric. Overall, these suits look stylish, glamorous and luxurious and are therefore ideal for festivals and wedding functions.

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