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710 Results

Designer Salwar Suits

Fashion is a part of almost everyone’s life these days. Looking presentable has become a daily protocol for people of all age groups. When it comes to buying clothes, the market can be classified broadly into three categories- street markets, branded showrooms and designer stores. While street markets and lower end shops have outfits that are manufactured in bulk, higher-end brands have relatively lower supply of each garment that makes their products exclusive. Designer outfits, on the other hand are even more exclusive than the branded ones, their supply being limited to usually one or a few pieces of every design.

Indian ethnic outfits like salwar kameez are readily available everywhere and in endless combinations of colours, styles and fabrics. However, fashionistas prefer to have a closet that cannot be duplicated. Designer salwar suits can be differentiated from commonly available suits on the basis of their uniqueness, embellishments and price range. Designer suits have unique styles of cuts, sleeves, necklines and flares and are limited in supply which makes them exclusive. As a fashion-lover, you would definitely want to possess what no one else does! Also, high-end designers generally opt for embellishments that are hard to duplicate. So unlike regular outfits that are manufactured on a large scale using machinery and automated processes, designer suits are made by hand-crafting skills and embroidery like gota work, appliqué work, khatli work and hand-woven fabrics. Due to their exclusivity and tedious manufacturing processes, designer suits are higher priced as compared to regular salwar suits. But when it comes to fashion and styling, the added expense is totally worth it! has an exclusive range of designer salwar suits for office-wear, casual-wear and party-wear. You can also pick stunning designer pieces to add to your wedding and bridal trousseau or even wear for one of your pre-wedding functions. In fact, many of these unique designs are a class apart, which will help you shine at whichever event you attend. Our in-house team of fashion designers creates beautiful and trendy outfits that are available only on Our team of stylists also assists our clients in choosing and customizing their designer garments through our video-call facility. So book your call appointment and get the best designer wardrobe at the best price!