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Buy Trendy Art Silk Sarees Online At The Best Price

Art Silk Sarees: An Economical Substitute of Pure Silk Sarees

Art silk sarees are a boon for the ones who patronize the lustre and richness of silk but are not comfortable with its high price tag. While pure silk is made from protein fibres obtained from the cocoons of silk moths, artificial or art silk is made from bamboo fibres, cotton, rayon and synthetic fabrics like nylon. These fabrics have lustre, fall and surface finish that closely resemble pure silk. At the same time these fabrics can be commercially produced in higher quantities thus being a smart replacement for pure silk. Art silk sarees are quite lower priced and are hence popular across all sections of the Indian market.

Types of Art Silk Sarees

Art silk sarees can range from being absolutely light and soft like cotton to heavily ostentatious ones like Banarasi silk sarees. The umbrella category of art silk sarees has drapes woven using different weft and warp combinations and details to resemble their pure silk counterparts. Mysore art silk sarees are woven with bright colourful yarns and edged with shimmery borders while Kanchipuram art silk sarees are heavy artificial silk garment detailed with bold forms that are inspired from mythology and South Indian temples. These different variants may be woven from the same yarns but due to differences in their weaving styles and design details the end products vary considerably in look and drape fall.

Printed and Embroidered Art Silk Sarees

Art silk is stronger and more durable than pure silk and hence can hold heavier embellishments. A red art silk sari with elaborate zardozi embroidery and rhinestones can work as a traditional bridal sari for practical women who do not wish to spend much on their wedding attire. In fact these days, art silk sarees are the most popular garment sported by wedding attendees. While the ornamented ones are quite in trend for festivities, printed art silk sarees are popular for office wear as well as semi-formal occasions. Such printed saris are extremely versatile due to their innate charm of silk-like surfaces and can be styled upwards or downwards for different types of occasions.

Which fabric of blouse is suitable for art silk sarees?

An art silk saree can undoubtedly be worn with an art silk blouse. However, for a lighter and comfortable ensemble you can pair it with a cotton blouse. For heavy art silk sarees you can buy a readymade statement blouse made with net or velvet fabrics.