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Bandhani Sarees

The vibrant, lively and colorful Bandhani sarees are an integral part of the Indian textiles’ heritage. These Bandhej sarees are available in tonnes of designs, bright colors and a variety of fabrics – which makes them perfect for any woman’s wardrobe. is an authority in this wonderful saree type. The best Bandhani work is done in the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.’s affinity to Gujarat and Gujarati culture ensures that the Bandhani Sarees available here are 100% authentic, extremely fine and stunningly beautiful.

It is known that the finest Bandhani is tied in the Kutch region of Gujarat and in many desert towns of Rajasthan. has close ties with textile merchants, workers, designer and weavers in these areas. It sources its Bandhani sarees and Bandhani designs directly from the traditional Bandhani workers, who have been engaged in this trade and art, since ages and generations. No wonder, the Bandhani sarees you buy online from are a class apart.

Before we further extol the virtues of splendid art of Bandhani and the resultant magnificent Bandhani sarees, let’s know a little more about this awesome textiles’ art -

What is Bandhani?

Bandhani is the name of the specific Indian Tie and Dye art that works with little circular, dot patterns, achieved by fine and intricate tying processes. Since the process involves strategic tying and dyeing of fabric – the crafted products – sarees, fabrics, suit materials, bed spreads – are 100% hand made.

Is it an old technique?

Bandhani is an ancient dyeing and fabric decoration technique, references of which you will find in the awe-inspiring Ajanta Caves and Indus Valley Civilization records.

Are Bandhani and Bandhej same?

Yes, they are two different, colloquial names of the same cloth art.

Why is Bandhani so popular?

In the Western states of Gujarat and Rajathan, and even in some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Punjab, Bandhani is popularly associated with weddings, functions and festivals. It is considered as an auspicious symbol of married life, fertility and sacred ceremonies. In Rajasthan, Bandhani varies among castes, and the turbans of the men-folk are often decorated with unique Bandhani patterns that represent their caste/ sub-caste.

Moreover, Bandhani is a very colorful and vibrant art. Its patterns suit women of all ages. Bandhani fabrics, in themselves, are free of ostentation and external ornamentation. So, it’s easy to add brocade borders, embroideries and embellishments to these sarees and fabrics. Thus, Bandhani art becomes a beautiful canvas for crafting rich ensembles and sarees. That is why the use of Bandhani is very popular in wedding sarees, bridal lehengas, anarkali suits, chaniya cholis and all other types of Indian ethnic wear.

What is a Bandhani Gharchola?

Gharchola is the traditional wedding saree gifted by groom’s family – in Gujarat and Rajasthan. This custom is prevalent among the Jain and Marwari communities in these states as well as elsewhere. Each Gharchola saree is actually a Bandhani saree first, as Gharchola cannot be crafted without the basic Bandhani designs. In fact, the combination of Bandhani designs and the characteristic grid pattern of Gharchola forms the lovely wedding sarees. You can read all about Gharcholas here.

Coming back to Bandhani sarees, let’s also tell you what all fabrics these lovely saris are crafted in.

Since Bandhani is a labour intensive process, involving tying and often multiple rounds of dyeing, Bandhani needs resilient fabrics that would withstand the push and pull of these techniques. Hence, Bandhani was initially done on cottons and cotton blends.

However, owing to popular demand, Bandhani sarees are also made in a variety of fabrics – to suit various needs, lifestyles and life stages.

Bandhani sarees for wedding are quite popular and that is where the Banarasi Bandhani sarees and amazingly kaleidoscopic Jhankaar Bandhani sarees come in picture. These sarees have extremely fine designs and tying patterns, are made on resilient georgette fabric, which makes them perfect for formal occasions, parties, weddings etc.

Sarees, which have brocade or Banarasi borders are called as Banarasi Bandhani sarees, and they are increasingly becoming popular as perfect wedding trousseau staples. Gaji Silk Bandhani sarees and Bandhani Silk Sarees are also very popular among ones looking for wedding and party-wear sarees in these ethereal designs.

Your Bandhani Saree shopping online is incomplete without You will find such stunning Bandhej sarees here that you will be left spell bound. Take good care of your bandhani sarees, and get them dry cleaned only to maintain their shine and color.

List of Bandhani Sarees with Price

Red Art Silk Traditional Bandhej Woven Saree 8,450 INR
Red Chiffon Bandhani Print Saree with Lace 1,625 INR
Hot Pink Handloom Silk Traditional Bandhej Woven Saree with Golden Highlights 4,095 INR
Pink Georgette Bandhej Saree with Embroidered Blouse 2,470 INR
Pink Chiffon Traditional Bandhani Print Saree 1040 INR
Grey Handloom Silk Traditional Bandhej Woven Saree with Golden Touch 4,095 INR
Pink Georgette Bandhani Printed Saree 1,820 INR
Orange Georgette Bandhej Print Saree with Red Border 2,015 INR
Green Georgette Bandhani Printed Saree 1,820 INR
Red and Orange Art Silk Bandhani Printed Saree 2,730 INR