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Chiffon Sarees

Fluid, light-weight, and semi-transparent, summer-friendly sarees made from chiffon fabric are known as chiffon sarees. Given the see-through feel and delicate appeal of the fabric, these sarees have a certain romanticism attached to them. They are considered quite glamourous and sensuous. No wonder, these lovely, flattering sarees are deeply associated with the Indian films and the Indian royalty. Most chiffon sarees are plain and low on embellishments. Light and pastel colors look extremely elegant in plain chiffon sarees.

The woven fabric Chiffon, known to have French roots, belongs to the family of twisted yarn fabrics like crepe and georgette. Chiffon is lighter and more transparent than georgette. Much like georgette, chiffon originally was made only from silk yarn. ‘Real’ chiffon is the one made from pure silk and cotton-silk yarn. However, with the advent of nylon and other synthetic materials, chiffon was also crafted with polyester, nylon and other artificial fibers.

Delicate, mesh-like chiffon is also made in a crinkled form, other than the regular form. Its flowy, low-weight, sheer quality makes it extremely suitable for multi-layered dresses, sensuous apparels and lingerie. It is avidly used to make sarees and other Indian outfits like lehengas, lehenga suits, long tunics, Indian gowns and salwar kameez. You can make these sarees a part of your corporate or daily wardrobe, as they are very suitable for hot or humid weather, and offer a great fall/ drape.

Georgette Vs Chiffon

Chiffon is also made from twisted yarn, much like georgette. But the difference in twisting lends chiffon a net-like, gossamer feel and transparency. It’s a more sensuous fabric, and has a softer, slippery feel as compared to relatively coarser georgette. Lighter and more sheer than georgette, chiffon tends to slip, and is difficult to work with, whereas georgette is considered a very stitching-friendly fabric.

In terms of sarees, both the fabrics have been favorite of modern and trendy women. The georgette sarees and chiffon sarees drape and fall extremely well, and tend to enhance/ accentuate the female form. However, chiffon sarees are thinner and sheer, which make them very eye catchy and figure hugging.

That is why, women concerned about weight issues or worried about mid-riff baring should stick to georgette sarees. In such cases, you can try wearing printed and slightly embellished chiffon sarees, instead of plain, pastel-colored chiffon sarees.

Georgette also takes embroideries and embellishments better than chiffon, which is lighter and more delicate and thus, prone to tearing. Chiffon sarees, hence, are best plain or with dainty lace borders and colorful prints. The new half and half saree trend also goes well with chiffon sarees, where the inner part of saree is chiffon, thus allowing a lovely fall and drape – while the pallu can be net, georgette or even light silk for that royal appeal.

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List of Chiffon Sarees with Price

Teal Green Chiffon Silk Saree with Embroidered Border 5,590 INR
Grey Chiffon Silk Saree with Floral Embroidered Cutwork Border 6,240 INR
Red Chiffon Bandhani Print Saree with Lace 1,625 INR
Pink Chiffon Traditional Bandhani Print Saree 1,040 INR
Blue Chiffon Traditional Saree with Bandhani Print 1,040 INR
Peach Chiffon Saree with Digital Floral PrintPeach Chiffon Saree with Digital Floral Print 1,755 INR
Red Chiffon Traditional bandhej Print Saree 1,040 INR
Pink Chiffon Embroidered Butti Saree 3,120 INR
Peach Chiffon Printed Saree with Lace 3,640 INR
Light Green Chiffon Plain Saree with Lace 3,250 INR