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Cotton Sarees Online

Must-have in the closet of every Indian woman or saree-lover, Cotton Sarees are those versatile, can’t-do-without staples, which are prized and adored for multiple reasons. From our great freedom fighters like Sarojini Naidu to fierce women leaders like Shiela Dixit, Indira Gandhi, Mamta Banerjee and Sonia Gandhi to contemporary politicians like Smriti Irani and Sushma Swaraj – to being the everyday outfit of millions of Indian women in rural and urban India - cotton sarees have remained an important part of the Indian socio-political scene.

A huge variety of pure cotton and blended cotton sarees is made in India. Many of them are the precious handloom varieties, known for their unique patterns, unmatched charm, stunning detail of design and indigenous weaving techniques, which have been carried forward by generation of weavers for centuries. At, you can be sure of finding your favorite cotton sarees – in myriad cotton variants, including mul cotton and handloom cotton, in best prices.

These days many cotton sari types are available, which can be worn by women for regular-wear as well as for work and even day parties. Cotton-silk blended sarees, also known as SiCo sarees, are one among the much loved cotton saris. Besides working as perfectly elegant and graceful drapes on their own, many plain cotton sarees are made to act as bases for fabric techniques like Bandhani, Gharchola and mirror work. From printed to patterned saris to the world famous Kota Doria/ Kota Masuria sarees, cotton drapes have won the hearts and minds of women for ages now.

Cotton is the most used fabrics, across the globe. It is a natural fabric that is produced from the cotton plant, and is used on its own, as well as, as a base for producing many other fabric/ yarn variants. Earliest evidences of cotton were found in the Indian sub-continent – so cotton, obviously, has been in use in India since a long long time. It is one fabric that’s integrally linked to our lives and culture – and so are the awesome cotton sarees. These, in fact, form the staple (and often the only) outfit of women in many parts of India – like Bengal, Southern States, Bihar, Orissa, Maharashtra – and many others.

The tropical heat of India makes cotton a popular choice. Since it is an extremely comfortable and breezy fabric, it is preferred by all and sundry in hot, scorching weather – that’s a recurrent feature for half of the year, in many parts of India. Cotton drapes are quite resilient and all-weather. Thus, they are great for everyday wear – which is another reason for their immense popularity and maddening reach. From Bengal’s Taant to much loved ikats from Orissa and Andhra Pradesh – cotton sarees are everywhere.

From the much loved Bandhanis to India’s pride Banarasis – all sorts of fabric art and weaving also use cotton yarns aplenty. There is a lot of innovation that is done using cotton yarns. Many ancient weaving techniques like Patan Patola also tend to use cotton yarns along with the silk ones to enhance the resilience and strength of the fabrics. Cottons are also easier to maintain, and they drape quite nicely.

In fact, one can achieve all sorts of drapes and falls with the multitude of cotton sarees available. If you are a fan of the trendy Indie style of draping choose heavier muls and cottons, or pick the pretty sico sarees that are a treat to the eyes and body. If are on the thinner side, and wish to add the illusion of weight, go for lighter, stiffer cottons that tend to give a stiff, sturdy fall/ drape – making you look slightly wider (than you actually may be). Cotton sarees have an elegance and class that’s seldom unmatched. Probably that’s why they have remained a favorite of our most loved saree icons, which include top politicians, royalty, celebrities and even great women achievers.

Indulge in your love and adoration for breathable, absorbent and all-day wear cotton sarees as well as rich, handloom varieties with Sourced from all corners of India, these gorgeous cotton saris are a must-have, if you love to flaunt your drapes – and would like to do so uninterrupted, in a most relaxed manner. delivers its sarees ready-to-wear and finished across the world.