Cutdana Work Sarees

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Cutdana Work Sarees

The Indian sari has kept its position as a fashionable piece of garment for centuries. Modest yet sensual, the six yard fabric has seen endless innovations in prints as well as other forms of art that create unique drapes to meet the varied needs of saree connoisseurs. Saris for special occasions are generally covered with embellishments like beads, rhinestones, zardozi, sequins, laces and appliqués. High-end designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabhyasachi also use scintillating Swarovski crystals on their exclusive designer saris.

What is Cutdana Work?

There are endless varieties of beads used to adorn drapes. Cutdana are special type of beads which are small pipe-like structures having angular edges which reflect light. These tiny structures are made from glass, acrylic and metal. The translucent glass and plastic ones are often coated with metallic foil on the inner side to increase their shine. Cutdana work is an intricate form of art that involves stitching these tiny structures on to the sari or lehenga choli to fill motifs and borders. Traditionally, this art was done with hand by skilled artisans and the industry still booms due to its splendid craftsmanship. However, a lot of commercially available garments have cutdana embellishments that are stitched using automated machines.

Saris embellished with cutdana: One of the finest forms of embellished art, cutdana work is extensively used to adorn bridal saris as well as occasion-wear drapes. It is often combined with other forms of embellishments like pearls and stones to make unique patterns of flowers, birds, geometrical shapes and abstract designs. With a rising inclination towards contemporary wear, designers these days have been using cutdana work creatively to cater to the wardrobe needs of modern Indian women.

A plain georgette saree having cutdana work on the border or a raw silk drape having a single bold motif on the pallu are contemporary adaptations of this picturesque form of traditional art. has a lovely collection of such statement saris. Patronized for centuries, the versatile cutdana work is still a highly preferred art for adorning saris and with time, we can only expect designers to come up with more innovative ways of using it!