Hand Embroidery Sarees

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Hand Embroidery Sarees

Hand Embroidered Sarees date back to ancient times, with different regions of India specialising in different kinds of embroidery onto sarees. When you embroider a saree, you decorate the fabric with motifs, patterns, or abstract designs.

When you hand embroider a saree, you can also sew certain embellishments onto the saree, such as beads, mirrors, metal strips, sequins, and pearls. Different kinds of embroidery that originated from different regions of India are named according to the underlying fabric used, as well as whether the design is stitched on top of, or through the base fabric.

While the majority of Hand Embroidered Sarees are created using a needle, other instruments are also used to create this exquisite embroidery. Aari work which involves an intricate technique of looping threads to form a chain stitch like pattern employs a special type of hooked awl.

Exploring the world of Hand Embroidered Sarees

One of the more popular Hand Embroidered Sarees are from Kashmir and features Kashida embroidery. These Hand Embroidered Sarees feature designs unique to Kashmir, such as apple blossom, lilies, chinar leaves, saffron flowers, grapes, plums, cherries and various regional birds.

Another type of embroidery is the Kantha embroidery, which is done on cotton fabric, consists of a range of stitches intricately stitched together. The stitches are also knotted on a fine white muslin base thereby creating designs with raised surfaces.

The tribal communities in India also have their own personal craft for Hand Embroidered Sarees. Unique for their bright colours and asymmetrical patterns these sarees boast simple motifs but in a variety of colours.

Some of the popular embroidery patterns are the “Toda” patterns by the Nilgiri Tribe and Banjara and Lambadi as well. A form of mirror work embroidery called “Abhala Bharat” is done in Northwest India.

More about Hand Embroidered Sarees

The materials used to create Hand Embroidered Sarees is usually cotton, silk, and satin. The Hand Embroidered Sarees from different regions in India are different with a variety of stitching techniques.

Hand Embroidered Sarees are very popular among contemporary Indian fashion designers, many of whom have revived up and popularised the ancient art of embroidery onto sarees, depending on the region.

These sarees can be worn for casual occasions or formal occasions, such as wedding receptions and corporate parties. Heavily Hand Embroidered Sarees can also be used for bridal wear and can be a welcome addition to the bridal trousseau.

You should look after these Hand Embroidered Sarees carefully, as they are quite delicate. They should be washed separately from other clothes so that the embellishments and embroidery do not get loose, thereby ruining the outfit. You can also dry clean these sarees just to ensure that they last longer.

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