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80+ Pure Handloom Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram Sarees

The grand Kanjeevaram sarees get their name from the little hamlet they were traditionally manufactured in. Kancheepuram – a town in Tamil Nadu – is famed for its glistening, hand-woven silks – and silk sarees. And, it’s what after which the lovely, luxurious Kanchipuram sarees or Kanjivarams are known after. Often called as the South Indian equivalent to North India’s Banarasi Sarees, these heirloom silk saris are highly valued for their master craftsmanship and exquisite weaves.

Legends have it that Kanchi weavers – the weavers of magnificent Kancheepuram sarees and silks – were descendants of a great sage, and thus, the God Himself. These sarees are mythologically linked with Lord Vishnu as well. Thus, they are offered to various Gods and Goddesses – and are also considered very auspicious. No wonder South Indian weddings and all kinds of holy ceremonies and festivals are incomplete without Kanchi silks.

Traditionally, these handloom sarees were woven using only the pure mulberry silk. The weaving process is extremely intricate, and may take weavers weeks and months to create one grandiose creation. Quite obviously, these sarees are quite expensive and real ones are considered a work of art. These rich silk sarees are an integral part of wedding and bridal trousseaus. In fact, Kanjivaram is the traditional bridal saree of most Tamil brides, and are worn frequently as wedding sarees all over India.

Owing to popular demand and increasing awareness, Kanjivarams and many of their variants are now mass produced from machine looms in other parts – but these rarely are able to replicate the gorgeous fine details of the hand-made beauties that are real Kanjivarams. Thus, one must be careful, while buying these expensive saris.

Handloom Pure Kanjivarams are also being improvised by weavers now – to add more chic and trendier elements to this traditional sari. At, you can buy real Kanjivaram sarees online – and if you do not see your favorite sari, you can always ask our customer service team for real Kanjivarams – sourced directly from our offline store Asopalav – and the weavers. Gold inlay Kanjeevarams, Weddings Kanjivaram sarees, simple kanjivaram saris, without zari kaneevaram sarees – all are available, either directly, or on request – at

Bollywood and some of its actresses as well as the South Indian film industries are quite instrumental in making these splendid sarees popular across the globe. Bollywood veteran Rekha, for starters, has been a relentless flag-bearer of these sarees. Thanks to her undying love for gold and metallic thread inlay Zari Kanjeevarams, many people actually think that these sarees are always made with gold thread broad borders and pallus. However, that is only a kind or part of this grand legacy.

Kanjivaram sarees are made in light as well as opulent avatars. While, there is no limit to the opulence and bling, when it comes to these sarees – you can also get lighter, plainer and no Zari Kanjeevaram Sarees. Decorated with traditional woven motifs of checks, grids, peacocks, chariots, mangoes, paisleys, leaves and birds – these sarees are stunning, with or without zari. Use of pure silk, woven in a certain manner, gives an unmatched lustre and vibrancy to all sorts of colors to these sarees. These days cotton-silk kancheepuram saris, cotton kancheepuram sarees and without zari kancheepuram sarees are also made amply – to cater to the changing preferences.

The real handloom kanchipuram sarees are quite sturdy, unlike other fragile silks, and will last for years – fresh and vibrant - in your wardrobes. Just ensure that you buy the authentic and good quality stuff.

Now, you can lay your hands on most exquisite as well as office-wear and day-wear Kanjivaram silks – from anywhere in the world – with and Asopalav silks. You may be in the US, UK, Canada, Middle, East, Australia, Europe or anywhere else, we will ensure that your beloved Kanchipuram saree reaches your doorstep – at a nominal shipping charge.

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