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Have you felt and experienced linen on your skin on a blazing summer day? Well, it surely is class apart. Prized for its absorbency and coolness, linen is a great pick for tropical and humid climates. But, cotton is equally great for summers. Then, what’s the recent frenzy around linen? Well, linen has an unmatched character and appeal – a rustic, raw charm – and its uniquely pastel, cooling hues are stunningly soothing to the eye and skin.

What is Linen?

A natural fabric that is produced from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is known as the strongest natural fiber – and its fibers are naturally longer than cotton. Linen Outfits much valued, owing to linen’s exceptional sturdiness, coolness and freshness – and also for the fact that linen fabric making is an expensive and time-consuming process. Before it made its major foray into the apparels industry (like in the recent times), linen was prized for its strength and longevity – and was used in storage bags, storage sacks, paper currency, kitchen and household material, bed-sheets, tapestry and upholstery (hence the name bed linen).

Linen in Apparels Industry

Linen has also been extensively used in the fashion industry for making a variety of outfits such as dresses, shirts and nowadays, Indian ethnic wear like the super famous Linen sarees. Linen has a crisper feel than cottons, and possesses a luster/ sheen that’s so unique. This is one fabric that gets better as it ages – as it holds moisture and tends to wrinkle lesser and lesser with age and handling.

Modern day fashion designers have been instrumental in bringing the much-deserved linen to the fore-front. Linen offers exceptional fluidity and fall – and wins over even cottons and silks in this regard. This makes it super useful for sarees, gown and dresses. Linen Sarees have been a winner all the way, ever since they hit the fashion charts. The light-weight nature of these sarees makes it easy to experiment with different drapes, styles and also in creating chic fusion looks.

The speciality of the trendy Linen Sarees is that they can be adorned for fancy events and also for daily wear, office wear and semi-formal occasions. Choose a rustic feel plain linen saree or hand-woven linen sari in pastel and light colors – and you are all set to rock a boardroom meeting. Add a stylish, new-age blouse in brocade or mirror-work with a pale pink pure linen saree, and you are chic and ready for a cocktail party or a special film screening.

Saree and Fabric for all seasons

By now, we know of linen’s perfect fit for sweltering summers and maddeningly humid rainy weather. Its breeziness and cool feel make it great for menswear too – with more and more men opting for linen suits and linen blazers for formal wear in summers and hot climes. But, what we don’t know is that linen is great for winters too. Linen, owing to its absorbent properties, tends to retain the heat of the body, which makes it an insulating fabric. Thus, the same gorgeous and airy linen sari, you rock in blistering heat – can be worn with a stylish blazer or jacket in winters.

At, you can be sure of getting the best and the latest. Linen sarees are available in in a variety of sober pastel shades - with floral-printed blouses or kalamkari blouses for a corporate look and also in trendy bright and vibrant colours for pretty party looks. You can also choose from linen-cotton blends, which takes down the pricing, blended linen-silk sarees, perfect for functions and wedding trousseaus and wrinkle-free linen sarees – which are also made from blended linen fabrics.

Accentuate Your Curves

Linen is a fluid fabric, and provides for a great fall. It doesn’t stay stiff like many cotton variants – and doesn’t need startching or other such maintenance rigramoles. It is not transparent but still has a beautiful fluidity. The more you wear these sarees, the better they become – so issue of wrinkling also decreases with wear and handling.

Owing to all this, Linen Sarees are a must-have for career women. They are comfortable, and will provide a beautiful drape. Linen accentuates the curves, absorbs moisture, does not cause rashes, does not stretch and also does not wear off easily – thus, providing a perfect blend of convenience, style and comfort.

You can buy trendy Linen Sarees online at Keeping the modern trends and demands in view, updates its collections quite frequently. All sarees are delivered finished – with fall attached – and ready to wear. You can even choose to get your blouse stitched – at a nominal cost. ships worldwide, and offers absolutely free shipping in India.

Linen Saree Price List

Beige Linen Saree with Zari Weaving र3,190.00
Navy Blue Linen Saree with Zari Weaving र3,190.00
Taupe and Cream Linen Saree with Floral Print र2,200.00
Rust Orange and Blue Linen Silk Saree With Weaving र2,760.00
Bottle Green and Red Linen Silk Saree With Weaving र2,760.00