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28 Results


Multi coloured sarees – an evergreen amalgamation of many colors

Every colour has its own beauty and unique impact. Putting hues together in a garment can bring about a delightful appeal- radiating the synergy of colour blending. multi coloured sarees are extremely versatile and useful - they can be designed for every occasion - right from the most formal office meeting to an ostentatious celebration. Such saris also work well on uplifting one’s mood as well as standing out with their distinctive palette details.

All multi colored sarees need not be full of many colors. Ones with more than three colours mixed in any proportion can be called as multi hued. These drapes can be on neutral or soothing bases – so unlike popular belief – all multi colored saris are not overly vibrant or in your face. A beige based saree with pastel colored flowers is an elegant choice for any event or meeting.

Traditional multi coloured sarees

The trend of multi coloured saris is not new- the rich textile heritage of India has a long history of multicolour sarees being gracefully flaunted by women belonging to the regalia as well as the masses. Shibori, ikkat, tie-and dye and Bandhani are some of the traditional dyeing and weaving techniques used for detailing traditional multi coloured saris that have kept their popularity till date. These are fondly draped by women especially during auspicious occasions and Indian festivities. Many Banarasi saris especially the ones with jaal motifs or katan banarasis have multi hued Paisley or flower designs.

In it’s true form, a multi color saree is satrangi or the one in 7 rainbow colors. These are truly bright and vibrant drapes, but not to be confused with all such drapes with more than 3-4 colors. At, you can buy all kinds of such sarees and outfits, ranging from riotous satrangi drapes to muted and classy ones. Shop online for your favorite multicolor saree from anywhere in the world.

Contemporary Multicolor Saree Designs.

Colour blending is an art- where the base colours and upper and under tones have a major impact on the final look of the sari. So where a chiffon, silk or georgette sari having a palette of powder pink with beige and icy blue will have a modishly elegant appeal, a silk sari with warm and fiery tones like orange, magenta, mustard and red will stand out as a dramatic garment. Ombre sarees and half-and-half saris which essentially have multiple tones or multi coloured designs are some of the most popular variants of modern or contemporary sarees. Such variants have kept the Indian saree trending amongst youngsters as well as other patrons of innovation.

Trendy multi coloured saris for everyday wear.

Being plain Jane is passé- your everyday wardrobe should be radiating energy and what could be better than a chirpy play of shades on a flattering multi coloured saree! You can play around with fabrics like georgette, cotton silk and soft art silk since these fabrics are easy to pleat and carry around. Keep your accessories subtle- let your outfit be highlighted!

Multi colored sarees for weddings

Indian celebrations are inherently vibrant- a happening sight with a sea of colours and what could be better than immersing yourself in this joyous ambience by donning loads of hues! multi coloured Kanchipuram silk or pattu sarees detailed with alluring temple designs or multicolour designer sarees with exquisite details like ruffled edges and statement blouses are trending details to opt for. A plain sari ornamented with multi coloured thread embroidery, tassels or beads can also be up styled with heavy jewellery for such festivities.

For occasions that require subtle dressing, you can play around with a blend of softer and pleasing tones. A multicolored flower printed sari with a cream or white base is a timeless classic and therefore a wardrobe must-have. Looking for something colorful and absolutely stunning? Then you ought to browse through and buy all of these gorgeously colourful sarees online on With an assortment so wide, you will definitely find the combination of hues that will strongly appeal to you!

What type of jewellery can be worn with multi coloured saris?

Whether plain or printed, the appeal of multi coloured sarees can be overwhelming. To balance the loudness of such garments, you must keep your accessories subtle. If the saree is extremely colourful- like a VIBGYOR or rainbow coloured saree you can omit jewellery completely and opt for a simple hairdo.