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Panetar Sarees

Saree that is traditionally worn by the bride, during her wedding ceremony in the western (Indian) state of Gujarat is known as the Panetar Saree. These regal, stunning sarees are usually made in the colors of red (and its shades) and white/ cream – embellished with golden embroidery.

Panetar is a much loved Indian wedding saree that women in other Indian states also like to wear. They may not wear it as their Bridal Saree, but the adored combination of red and white hues is seen almost everywhere in Indian weddings. is a specialist in Royal Wedding Panetar Sarees. You will get a huge range of ornate and rare Panetar sarees and Panetar saree inspired bridal lehengas. You can get your Bridal Panetar Saree, delivered at your doorstep, anywhere in the world. Our lovely team will also help your select bespoke and designer Panetar sarees, if you want so.

Symbolism of Auspiciousness

The color combination of white and red is considered holy in many segments of the Hindu culture. This combination is culturally associated with Goddess Durga – the epitome of beauty and strength of the feminine divine power. Also, while red is associated with love, passion, fertility and happiness, white is a color of purity and peace.

Thus, the traditional Gujarati Bridal attire, Panetar is a celebration of womanhood. Dedicated to the lovely symbolism of a woman’s transition from her youthful innocenceto marital vibrance, heavily embellished Panetar saree is crafted, hence, in celebrated hues of white (or ivory/ cream) and vermilion red (or maroon/ scarlet).

Popular Colors of Red and White

In many parts of India, both these colors are typically a part of a bride’s attire – with red often dominating the white/ ivory.

Bengali Sarees with stark white forming the body of the saree, while red running through the borders is quite a popular trend. These pretty sarees are an integral part of any Bengali woman’s wardrobe, and are worn on wedding, auspicious days, religious occasions and festivals. Red, white and gold Kanjeevaram Sarees are also extremely popular, and are worn by many women as their bridal sarees. In earlier days, even many North Indian brides preferred wearing ornate Banarasi Sarees in red, white and tonnes of gold zari.

Gujarati Panetar

The Gujarati Panetar has red/ maroon borders and embellishments. Its body is typically white or cream or ivory. The white/ivory part of the saree is embellished with red/ maroon Bandhani and red and gold embroidery. The red of the saree is decorated with white and gold accents. Since green is also considered a very auspicious color, many Panetar sarees have green accents, like sequins, Bandhani dots and embroidery. Some Panetar sarees and Panetar Lehengas come with deep green blouses too.

Designer Panetar Sarees

The heavy and ornate Panetar sarees are supposed to be fit for a queen. Thus, brides and families generally don’t spare any expenses, while buying them. Many even get them designed specifically, as per their liking and preferences. Some brides select pure Kanjeevaram and Banarasi fabric base for their Panetar, and get it hand embellished. The cost of a Panetar rises, basis the base material, intricacy of hand embellishments and designer touches.

At, we have some of the best Panetar designers, who craft amazingly beautiful red and white sarees. You can choose from the catalog of Panetar sarees at We keep adding new ones every now and then. However, if you need something extra special, please get in write to our representatives at – with your requirements, and they will get back to you.

Silk and Gaji Silk Panetar Sarees

Panetar sarees are typically made in pure silk fabric, Banarasi brocade fabric, Dharamavarm Andhara silk or Gaji silk fabric.

Gaji silk is a variant of silk – it is slightly blended and has a satin like smooth finish and gleam. It also takes well to embroideries and embellishments, as it is resilient, and it is easier to maintain. Gaji silk is also somewhat more economical than pure silk. These qualities make this fabric very popular for making Panetar Sarees and Panetar Lehengas.

Panetar Saree inspired Lehengas

If you are a contemporary bride, and plan to wear a lehenga choli for your wedding, you can also get Panetar inspired red and ivory Panetar Bridal Lehenga Choli from These are very pretty ensembles, and can also be worn by other female guests, close relations of the bride and even the bridesmaids.

Buying Panetar Sarees Online

A Panetar saree is a true collectible, owing to its cultural connects and splendid designs. Every woman, Gujarati or not, thus, must have a Panetar Saree in her wardrobe.

Well, whether you are a prospective bride or a saree lover, you can now order various types of Panetar sarees Online - from Buying Panetar Sarees online was never easier and convenient!

Worldwide Shipping ships worldwide, making it easy for you to get your Panetar Saree – anywhere in the world. You may be in USAUKCananda,AustraliaChina, Japan, or Korea anywhere else – we will help you select, buy and get your Panetar Saree.