Pochampally Sarees

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Pochampally Sareee

Pochampally Sarees are silk and cotton-silk drapes typically woven in the Boodhan Pochampally town of Andhra Pradesh which is popularly known as the silk city of India. The sarees woven here are recognized as Intellectual Property under Geographic Indication. These sarees have been catering to a globally located market of Indians.

The beauty of ikat:

Pochampally sarees are characterized by ikat weaves forming geometrical patterns. Apart from geometrical designs, flowers, polka dots and paisley are also often used. The aesthetic appeal of these drapes has kept its popularity till date as a trending garment for weddings. Often, golden zari is also woven along with silk and cotton-silk yarns to add shimmer to these ethno-glam saris. Ikat weaves require tedious processes and careful weaving and therefore we can say that Pochampally saris are an example of fine weaving and praiseworthy craftsmanship. The yarns first have to be dyed using resist-techniques and then they are carefully woven so as to form the desired pattern on the drape. These beautifully hand-woven saris would make a great addition to a saree connoisseur’s enviable collection.

Styling a Pochampally sari:

Essentially traditional, Pochampally saris look better when worn with intricate ethnic ornaments. Filigree work, kundan and beaded jewellery also go well with such drapes. Available in vivid colours, these sarees are preferred by women for auspicious days like weddings and religious rituals. South Indian brides style these sarees with heavy gold jewellery for their traditional bridal look.

Buying authentic Pochampally Sarees

Authentic Pochampally saris are essentially woven in the city and surrounding villages of Pochampally. While buying such saris, you must be careful about not mistaking ikat printed drapes or powerloom saris for these finely-woven handloom ones. Saree.com sells such authentic handloom saris at the best price. Our collection is sourced from precise locations to maintain genuineness of our products and deliver maximum value to our esteemed customers!