Polyester Sarees

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Polyester Sarees

What is Polyester?

A fabric used extensively in clothing, polyester which is also known as polyethylene terephthalate, is a chain or polymer of recurring ester functional groups. Natural polymer is made with cutin found in plants and is bio-degradable, while synthetic variants are made with chemicals. China silk is a polyester fiber that is woven in such a way, so as to resemble the sheen and durability of pure silk. Given the light-weight, smoothness and wrinkle-free properties of the polyester fabric, it is extensively used in making elaborate garments like dresses, sarees and also home linen like upholstery and draperies.

Blended polyester in sarees:

Pure polyester is highly resistant to shrinking, stretching and creasing, but it is also very dense, which means the fabric can produce a lot of heat and static – and may not always look great. It can also be, at times, difficult to drape or too shiny. The sheen of regular polyester fabrics is not very attractive. Hence, polyester is commonly woven with cotton to make breathable, appealing and sweat-resistant drapes. The most common cotton: polyester ratio is 65:35, while an equal ratio is also used sometimes. Such fabrics are less prone to color-bleed and are more durable, when compared to pure cotton – besides being more economical and easier to maintain.

These blended drapes are ideal for everyday-wear, office wardrobe and casual outings. From colourful appliqués to colorful block prints, batik prints, tie-and-dye and digital prints, polyester cotton or ploycot sarees look crisp, trendy and smart. Lace-work borders can be further added to such drapes to give them a heavier look. At saree.com, we stock the latest collection of polyester cotton sarees having vivacious hues and trending styles.

Polyester is also blended with cotton and silk to produce georgette-like crinkly and light-weight fabrics, which are quite popular, as they are great for reasonably priced office-wear and casual saris. This fabric type is also used to make many trendy saris.

Buying polyester sarees online:

These drapes are mostly woven on a power loom and are relatively less priced. Also, there is no question of authenticity like in case of high end fabrics like silk and muslin. So, you can conveniently buy such regular-wear sarees online and make use of the convenience and best price deals of online shopping.