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72 Results

Frilly, Fancy & Ruffled - Cute Charm of Ruffle Sarees

Sarees with ruffled edges are popularly called as the Ruffle Sarees. This cute and girly trend, earlier quite loved during 70's era, is now back with a bang. The ruffles and frills have always been a feminine detail - used avidly in little girl's dresses and skirts. However, using ruffle detail in a sari is designer statement that adds a youthful and funky touch to a mundane drape. The edges which are folded and pleated to create a ruffled feel are attached as borders to pallu, blouse or all over the saree drape, transporting the whole vibe to a Bollywood movie, straight from Asha Parekh, Mumtaz, Rekha and Zeenat Aman days with peppy RD Burman songs.

Types of Ruffle Sarees

From tiered ready to wear, pre tied sarees or lehenga saris to the ones where ruffles, feathers, frills or tassels are attached as borders or embellishments - these fancy sarees have a unique charm.

Tiered Detail Drape

Here multiple layers of ruffles are attached, one over the other - like a skirt. The feel is Victorian, glamorous and amazingly unique. In red and black, ruffle saree of this type looks very sensuous and is perfect for party and cocktail wear.

Cute Ruffled Hem

Here the frilly ruffles are attached to the lower hem of the saree. It may or may not be there along the border or pallu. This looks girly and chic - and makes for a perfect college farewell party saree.

Pre-Stitched Saree

Many ruffle sarees are ready to wear as ruffles are created along pleats and are stitched. They just need to be worn like a skirt and pallu is draped over the shoulders. This is excellent for ones looking to wear a saree quickly without much hassle. Perfect for younger girls as well as dancers, who wish to change quickly for a stage performance.

Color Combinations in Ruffle Sarees

You can buy a large variety of ruffled or frilled sarees on-line. Shop online for beautiful and glam frilly sarees from You can go for a classic red and black ruffle saree is a printed, polka dots sari with ruffle border or one in a gorgeous white.

Popular Fabrics

Since a saree with ruffle has to be fluid - for the flare and frill to look flattering - most of these are made in Georgette fabric. Other lighter and manageable fabrics are also popular but Georgette and its varieties like faux georgette, blended chiffon georgette, lighter silks are most popular.