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Traditional South Indian Silk Sarees 

South Silk Sarees: Variety & Aesthetics woven with Tradition.

South India and its four states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh are synonymous with sarees, and you will find a wide range of beautiful and aesthetically designed sarees – coming in from this part of the country. In fact, people from across the world step into the Southern part of India to shop for sarees for daily-wear, office-wears as well as for various important occasions, like weddings, baby showers, cultural festivals etc. People from all over Europe and America are known to visit India, specifically enchanted by these magnificent weaves and umpteen saree types – and to shop for this beautiful traditional wear.

Be it the contemporary south cotton sarees or the iconic Kanchipuram silk sarees or the Pochampally Ikkats of Andhra, Puttapakshi or Mysore crepes - the South Indian sarees have a unique, endless and vastly interesting range.

Every city and state in the South of India is famous for its different types of South Indian sarees, right from regular wear to South Indian bridal sarees. Let’s have a quick look at the saree-city equation - Coimbatore is the textile city of Southern India, where beautiful sarees are woven from cotton and silk. The Kerala saree or the famous Kasavu (also called as Onam saree) is pristine cotton or cotton-silk blend in golden and white – and is a cultural heritage of the state. Here are some of the major saris famous in the particular regions of South India.

  • Karnataka: Mysore silk, Ilkal sarees, Molakalmuru sarees, Sulebhavi sarees
  • Andhra Pradesh: Venkatagiri cottons, Mangalagiri, handloom Uppada, Chirala, Bandar, Bandarulanka, Kuppadam, rich Dharmavaram sarees
  • Tamil Nadu: Kanchipuram or Knajeevaram sarees, Kumbakonam, Thirubuvanam, Coimbatore cotton, Chinnalampattu
  • Kerala: Balarampuram, Mundum Neriyathum, Mayilati silk, Kannur cotton, Kalpathi silk, Maradaka silk, Samudrikapuram silk sarees

Exploring the world of South Indian Sarees

If you thought that South Indian Sarees are majorly about the grand Kanjivarams or the modish Bangalore silk – or the occasional Tamil Pattu or Kerala Kasavu – then you can’t be farther from the truth. South India has a rich textiles and weaving heritage – so much so that it has an uncountable number of indigenous weaves and silk saree varieties. Many of these weaves, like Patteda Anchu – had been on the verge of extinction – until their recent revival.

Apart from known for its silk and cotton weaving, South India also boasts of high quality and authentic yarns – the base raw material for saree weaving, which ensures that the sarees made here are great quality. South is a big producer of silk, with four of its states accounting for most of the silk produced in India. This enables south Indian saree manufacturers and weavers to source good quality, abundant yarn. South India also has many textile design techniques – like the now revived Sungudi sarees – that are made from a unique tie and dye technique.

South Indian sarees are known best for their softness, aesthetics and texture. Kanchipuram silk is traditionally used in South Indian sarees for weddings, while the cottons are meant for regular wear or are used as base for embellished sarees. Venkatigiri cottons are prized for their resilience and tenacity – making them a favorite of bandhani and gharchola makers in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Same goes for South Silks that are widely used for doing hand-work like gota patti, aari, zardoshi and mirror work.

Mangalagiri cotton is world famous for the tiny checks and stripes that are woven into it. The handlooms come with a thread count of 80-80 or 40-60 depending on how soft you want the saree to be. Pochampally Ikat from Hyderabad is popular for its intrinsically stunning weaving, done after yarn dyeing. They are lighter and much smoother when compared to hand woven textiles and can be further coloured in various shades. The South Indian pure silk sarees are worn for a variety of occasions, and each region cultivates them in a variety of ways.

The Modern Styles of South Silk Sarees

Generally woven in gold, the Kancheepuram sarees are world-famous as South Indian bridal sarees. The Coimbatore cotton, Kannur cotton, and Bandar sarees, etc. can be worn for work too. South Indian silk sarees like Samudrika Pattu sarees, regular pattu sarees, Mayilati silk, Maradaka silk, Venkatagiri, Ilkal sarees and Bangalore and Mysore silk sarees have also been extremely famous – and find a place of pride in many saree lovers’ wardobes.

The saris of Southern India and the silks produced there in saree lengths have also been crafted into beautiful, traditional and ethnic wear such as salwar suits, lehengas, and gharcholas, bringing in diversity with aesthetics. South Silk Lehengas are the latest and most loved bridal and wedding wear – as many designers and bespoke ethnic-wear makers like Asopalav are doing their bit to promote Indian handlooms from the South.

Modern South Indian sarees have a wide range of textures and prints, making you want to own every new variety of trendy saree. A classic example would be Samudrika silk which can be worn for special occasions, weddings, as well as other functions. At, thanks to its parent brand Asopalav, you can expect to get latest and gorgeous range of South Indian sarees of various types. Our Gharcholas are also made using South Sarees as the base for ensuring great quality.

List of South Indian Sarees with Price

Yellow South Silk Woven Saree with Golden Border and Contrast Pallu 14,050 INR
Pink and Orange Two Tone South Silk All Over Woven Saree 15,870 INR
Green South Silk Woven Saree with Golden Border 15,870 INR
Dark Orange South Silk Woven Saree with Checks Border 14,380 INR
Navy Blue South Silk All Over Floral Woven Saree 15,870 INR
Violet Purple Kanchipuram Silk Woven Saree with Peacock Motifs 11,640 INR
Purple Kanchipuram Silk Woven Saree with Peacock Motifs 10,090 INR
Royal Blue Kanchipuram Silk Plain Saree with Contrast Border and Pallu 5,660 INR
Dark Pink Kanchipuram Silk Woven Saree 13,050 INR
Orange Pink Shaded Kanchipuram Silk Woven Saree 11,200 INR